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Stampin’ Up! Farmer’s Market Thanks! And Holiday Catalog Shares!!

Well, last night, we got home from having dinner with some friends.  It was 9pm and change, which is way WAY past my bedtime (or at least very VERY close to it!).  The heat outside was ridonkulous.  That’s several steps worse than ridiculous, just FYI.  So, we stepped into the kitchen, anticipating a quick shower and bed.  Pretty normal (even if we ARE still thinking Buck’s going to meet us at the door…. 🙁 ), right up until I got 2 feet inside and realized “It’s not cool in here!”.  Which I immediately pointed out to my husband, just in case he hadn’t noticed it – he had, but not for several nano-seconds after I did.  Men may just not be as finely attuned to the temperature as women.  Just sayin’.

Quick investigation showed that the air coming out of the vents was tepid.  At best.  The thermostat showed the inside temp to be at 77.  It was set at 73…..  you see the problem, yes?  So, we were up until midnight, with Wayne working on the AC (thankfully our neighbor friend who’s been doing HVAC for 40 years was still awake!), while I held very still inside and stayed awake (barely) in a wifely show of solidarity (and because no way could I have gone to bed with it that warm.  No.  Freakin’. Way).  Fortunately, he got it working and the house cooled down quickly enough for us to finally go to sleep – but it was a short night for us!

On to the card….

When I first saw this sketch from Mojo Monday (#408, to be exact)…

Farmer's Market Thanks Mojo Monday 408 sketch

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Stampin’ Up! By The Tide Hello!

Well, it’s Thursday already.  Again!  My, how time flies!  Speaking of time, this post will be my 95th since I started blogging back at the beginning of the year.  That means an annivesary approacheth!  Number 100.  That will be next Tuesday, if my count is right.  To mark the occasion, I’ll be giving away some blog candy!  So be sure to check back – the blog candy may not be RIGHT on the exact day…..!?

I decided for today’s card share to try out my new set (new to me, not to the catalog!) By the Tide.  I originally got it so I’d have something fishy to make cards for my bass-fishing hubby.  But, I’m pretty sure that bass – regardless of the size of their mouths or their propensity to spots or stripes or whatever  – don’t live in the same place as coral and sea-shells.  So, this is quite obviously not a lake bass.  But, it’s definitely a fish – might be a SEA bass, I suppose!  So, when it comes time to make a card for Wayne, hopefully he’ll squint his eyes a little and pretend it’s his kind of bass….. 🙂 Take a look-see:

Hello Fish SSSC279 Outside 1 watermarked

The card design was inspired by Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #279.  Be sure to check out their blog and sign up to play, too!

Hello Fish SSSC 279 sketch

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Stampin’ Up! Garden In Bloom Celebrates Friends!

Good morning – Happy Wednesday!  So, if you’re following along, you’ll remember that last Monday was the day of the “Big Surgery” for my young friend.  All went well – although they didn’t actually FIND the cyst that they did the surgery to find in the first place… huh?  Appears that there was just some kind of blotch/shadow/mark on the X-ray.  So, Matt’s a little bummed that he’s gone thru all this for nothing – but at least he got that wisdom tooth out and won’t be having to worry about it later (like when he’s 37 and has a full time job and has to try to get a day off and sick leave and all that nonsense!).  And, the strawberry malt and Get Well Soup card went a long way towards making him feel better!  Ice Cream solves much in life, yes? 😉

Today’s share is an all-out celebration of the new Garden in Bloom stamp set.  It’s just gorgeous and has so many possibilities for creative fun.  Take a look-see:

Celebrate CTS 133 Outside 1 watermarked

The inspiration for my card came from the folks over at CAS(E) This Sketch.  Sketch #133, to be more specific.  Be sure to head over there, and I’d encourage you to sign up to follow their blog – that way you get all the new design challenges and ideas right in your inbox!

Celebrate CTS 133 sketch

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What’s Up at Stampin’ Up!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!  There’s a new set of Weekly/Bonus deals starting today.  As always, these special prices will last only as long as the initial quantity lasts.  After that, they’ll go back to their regular price – regardless of what day that is!  So, if you see something you want at the special price – best get on it!  The table below the Weekly/Bonus deals shows you what the special price quantity is for each item.

Here’s a little foreshadowing of tomorrow’s card share….we’ll be using the brand new and awesomely awesome set called Garden in Bloom.  You don’t want to miss it!

Garden in Bloom

WEEKLY DEALS FOR 28 Jul – 3 Aug 15!! Click here to see the Weekly Deals from Stampin’ Up! in my online store. The Weekly Deals are only while supplies last and only available at these great prices through 3 Aug!

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Stampin’ Up! World of Thanks and Watercolor Words

Monday Monday.  Welcome to the start of another work week.  I’m trying to come up with something witty and clever to say about work.  And Monday.  But, I got nuthin’.  Well, nuthin’ clever that is.  Or witty.  But, I do have a factoid for you about Monday.  Did you know (I got this from a Huffington Post article conducted in 2013), that 78% of people in a poll by said they get the “Sunday evening blues” as they come to terms with the idea of Monday happening?  It might even be a bigger number now.  And, it even said that people who LIKE their jobs get the blues on Sunday afternoon.  Huh.  So – what to do?  Some say do the not-fun stuff (clean the house, grocery shop, etc) on Saturday and then do a FUN thing on Sunday.  Huffington suggests writing down on paper how you’re feeling and why…… really?!?   Any of you get the Sunday evening blues and wish Monday would just not roll around?  How do YOU beat it?

But, one fun thing about this Monday is a new card to share!  I combined a couple of different stamp sets for this one, tapping the background stamp called World of Thanks, Watercolor Words and Layered Letters Alphabet, to come up with this clean and simple card.  Take a look-see:

World of Thanks FMS 196 Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Get Well Soup on Sunday

Here’s a question for all you smart folk out in blog-land.  When did it get so freakin’ expensive to be able to SEE?!?! I just recently spent more than a mortgage payment for new glasses.  Two sets of clear.  Update the lenses in my sunglasses (okay – these are Maui Jim’s and I have to say they’re the best sunglasses I have EVER worn – and worth every ridiculous penny!).  That’s two new sets and new lenses.  More than a mortgage payment.  How in the heck does that make sense?!?  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in my early twenties.  And in that 10 years or so ( 😉 ), the price has just skyrocketed!

To add insult to injury, my sunglasses will be ready in 8 – 10 days.  I feel a little stupid to admit that I’ve only got the one pair.  It’s completely killing me to have to do things outside without sunglasses – like drive.  Ever since my mom insisted that I wear sunglasses whenever I go outside – to protect my eyes – I have worn sunglasses whenever I go outside.  And now I can’t.  I miss them terribly!  I hope Mr. Jim hurries…..

So – on to today’s card.  It’s an easy one and won’t take a second to share with you!  My young friend (one of the twin boys young men I’ve told you about) is having tooth surgery tomorrow.  Wisdom teeth – one has some kind of cyst under it.  So, he’s getting the full-meal-deal.  Fasting.  IV anesthesia.  The works.  And they tell him to expect a few days of not-so-much-fun after.  I remember getting mine out, and I didn’t like the aftermath much.  So, I wanted to make a Get Well card – which I’ll take over to him tomorrow afternoon – probably with a chocolate milkshake (about the ONLY good side effect of wisdom tooth extraction!).  I used the brand new, ever-so-cute Get Well Soup stamp.  Take a look-see:

Get Well Soup Matt Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree Yields a Golden Silhouette

Happy Saturday, y’all!  The weekend looms large and spreads with such promise on Saturday morning, doesn’t it?? I hope that you have plans to do something fun!  This post is short today – that’s how easy this card is to make…

You might recall a few posts back my card was inspired by the CAS(E) This Sketch #132 challenge.  The one that looked like this:

CTS Sketch 132

And I’d planned to use my Lovely as a Tree set.  But instead, my card became this:

Just For You CTS 132 Outside 4 watermarked

Well, I warned you that I’d probably reprise that sketch, but stick to my guns and use the Lovely as a Tree.  So here it is.  Take a look-see:

Golden Trees CTS 132

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Stampin’ Up! Floral Wings and Watercolor Wishes on a bed of Pretty Petals

My Big Shot underwent exploratory surgery yesterday.  My husband, who refused to scrub-and-glove before making the first un-screw, pulled out his various tools to make a differential diagnosis.  Symptom?  It didn’t work.  Broken.  Handle turned, but nothing would go thru the roller.  So, we searched Google (as an aside – what if this had happened 20 years ago?!?  Did Big Shots even exist then?  Assuming they had – we’d have had to go to the Encyclopedia Britannica and look under B.  For Broken Big Shot.  Not sure that would have been all that fruitful.  If you don’t even know what an Encyclopedia Britannica IS – well…. Google it!).  But, thanks to Mr. Gore, the Internet exists (at least that’s what HE says!) and so does the knower-of-all-things….Google!

Regardless, Google came thru and we found directions for dissecting a Big Shot.  Screws were loosened.  Handle and sides removed.  And what did we see???

Baby's Framelit watermarked

Yep.  The framelit for the baby toy whose name I don’t know was stuck down in the roller.  I couldn’t find it the previous day when I was done with my baby card.  Now I know why!  Amazing that such a tiny piece could bring the whole thing to a screeching halt.  But, halt it it did!!  Wayne removed it – it’s a little worse for the wear, but I hope it will flatten out with some trips thru the now-repaired-and-working perfectly Big Shot.

Anywho – with everything working again, I tackled Sketch and Stamp Blog’s SB114:

S&B 114 Thanks

Be sure to head over to Sketch and Stamp and check them out – their design team artists do wonderful work!  In fact, my friend Amy Koenders is one of those folks, and I rather shamelessly drew from her great card for mine.  Take a look-see:

Thanks S&B 114 Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Kind Koala Makes Something For Baby!

So, yesterday wasn’t Christmas and today doesn’t herald news of a new tiny human joining us on the planet, but….I did Christmas yesterday and I’m doing a Welcome, Tiny Human card today.  Don’t ask me why, cause it’s really pretty obvious.  I got a big box of goodies on Monday from SU! and inside were (among other things 😉 ) the Kind Koala stamp and the Something For Baby stamp (with the bundled-for-15%-off matching Framelits called Baby’s First).  Since they arrived in the same box, I needed to use them together.

That makes sense, right?

Completely logical.


Well, anyway, I did use them together – and here’s the result.  Take a look-see:

Koala Welcome Baby SSSC 278 Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Wondrous Wreath and Tree Punch lead to Merry Moments!

Merry Christmas!  I know your kids are all being extra-good right now, since Santa Claus is coming to town!  Have you got your stockings hu…..wait….WHAT!?


In JULY?!?!  Well, sure – why not?  Christmas in July – that’s a thing, right?  I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’m already expecting to see Christmas decorations up in the stores.  They start earlier and earlier every year, don’t they?  Sometimes I think someone is going to get confused and put the Christmas trees up in Wally-world before they get the Amercian Flags and Red/White/Blue decor on the shelves… 😉

But, I wanted to do some playing with the Merry Moments DSP and the Festival of Trees stamp set.  So, I decided to play like it was Christmas for a minute!  Indulge me, and take a look-see!

Noel Mojo Monday 407 Outside 1 watermarked

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