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Stampin’ Up! Wonderland Blessing for the Happy Stampers Blog Hop


Happy Christmas Eve!  I know that you’re all busy doing your final get-ready-for-tomorrow things – cooking, wrapping, and some-assembly-required-ing!  Thanks for taking the time to see what we’ve created for you –  I hope that you’ll enjoy my project and then head to everyone’s blog and see what they’ve shared!!

I went pure, straight up this-is-the-night-the-Holy-Child-was-born with my card today.  I pulled some Woodland TIEF, a couple of Lovely as a Tree pines, and the Holy Family themselves from the lovely All Ye Faithful stamp set.  Take a look-see:


Woodland Blessing 6 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree and Timeless Textures. A Close Non-Example

Well, good Sunday morning to you!  It’s Saturday evening and I’m sitting in my hotel room in San Diego – waiting for dinner to arrive.  I made a pretty classic Mary-mistake today.  I got into town early enough to decide I’d do a little tourist-y thing.  First I took a picture out my window….


…then decided to NOT rent a stand-up paddle board, due to the unseasonably cool (like blustery and freakin’ cold!) weather here.

Yep.  The weather.  That’s why I didn’t rent a stand-up paddle board!

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! 🙂

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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree Brings Peace

It’s Friday.  Finally.  Following a week made up primarily of Mondays (okay, Tuesday was pretty good, but the rest of the week….there’s been knots in the floss for sure).  I’m very much counting on this being the last weekday post from Arizona!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me! 😉

Thanks for stopping by yesterday – hope that you enjoyed our Black/White/Gold creations.  Next Hop will be on Christmas Eve!

Today’s share uses Lovely as a Tree – one of our oldest (and most beloved?) stamp sets.  When I get sad that Wonderland (2015 Holiday Catalog – and retiring soon!) is going away, I pull Lovely as a Tree out and remind myself of its beautiful images – including one of my very favorites.  It’s a wonderful little pine cone on its bough.  And I just love it.  So, I combined all that with a sentiment from Peaceful Wreath (also retiring on 4 Jan 16), and this is what I came up with.  Take a look-see:

Lovely as a Tree Peace 2 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree Thru a Window!

Good morning!  Hope you’re having a great weekend – we’re having a good one, if a wet one.  It just won’t stop raining! 🙁  It’s hurrying all the leaves off the trees – as you go along our driveway, it looks like it’s raining leaves!  I’m always sorry to see the trees naked – I love them in their Fall finery.  So – STOP raining already!! 🙂

Today’s card is inspired by a beautiful card I saw on Pinterest, created by Kittie Carraciolo.

Lovely as a Tree Thru a Window Inspiration

I changed it up a little, but keep the basic elements – the Lovely as a Tree image and the window from the Hearth and Home Thinlits.  Take a look-see:

Lovely as a Tree Thru a Window 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree Welcomes Fall for the Happy Stampers Blog Hop!


Welcome to the Third Weekly Happy Stampers Blog Hop!  When you read this, I’ll be once again slipping the surlies  – this time heading EAST! 🙂  Will be home in plenty of time to feed the horses and get pony nose kisses!  They’re good for what ails ya, I promise! 😉

We had a fun sketch challenge this week, and since we have so many talented ladies in our group, I know that you’re going to want to head over and see what they’ve all done with it!  At the end of this post, I’ve provided a link to all the ladies’ blogs, so take a minute to wander around blog-hop-ville and maybe even take a moment to leave everyone a comment!  Here’s what we were working to:

Happy Stampers #2 sketch

My take on this went in the direction of welcoming Fall!  So, I combined an old favorite – Lovely as a Tree – with the sentiment from For all Things, with a few touches from the new and beautiful Into the Woods.  Take a look-see:

Lovely as a Tree Hello Fall 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree at Moonrise

Well, the big cat just determined he was done with my lap – at least for a little while – so I can actually DO a blog post tonight!  Leo is a lap hog  – he stretches across my lap from one arm of the recliner to the other.  And stretches luxuriously and yawns (he yawns quite cute-ly – with the end of his tongue all curled up!) and turns half upside down – all across my lap.  And he does NOT think that it’s a good idea for me to set my computer on him whilst he’s doing all this.  So….cat -yes.  Computer – No.  Until he’s done with me.  It’s what we do.

My card tonight is inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest.  Not of a card, but….

Hare at Moonrise

When I saw this photo, it just spoke to me.  About a 1000 years ago, in a galaxy far far away, I spent some time in the panhandle of Oklahoma.  Quite a while, actually – another business trip (yes, you’ve figured out my secret – I get ALL the great garden spots for my business trips….).  And it was in a pretty isolated little town (Super Walmart came while I was there and the whole town turned out.  It was BIG!).  So, I tried to find things to do (at that time, I didn’t do stamping, so I didn’t have a room full of crafty things to do) and on one of my little trips, I ended up at a preserve of some sort – no clue what it was called any more.  Wide open spaces.  Buffalo roaming.  Longhorns playing.  Bunnies frolicking.  Prairie Dogs barking.  It was big and, in its own way, beautiful.  A prairie preserved.  Anyway, I got a bee in my bonnet that it would be really cool to be there at night when there was a full moon.  So, one weekend, I dilly’d and dallied about until it was finally dark and the moon had risen over the prairie.  I wasn’t alone – other folks apparently shared my bee.  It was spectacular.  I don’t even remember the time of year now, but it wasn’t too hot or too cold.  It was just beautiful.  The light of the moon was….ethereal.  If it wasn’t too crystal-chaneling woo-woo….I’d say I could hear the creak of the wagons and the rustle of the wheels rolling thru the prairie grasses.  Truly one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Well – that picture took me back to that night.  And I wanted to re-create it on a card.  So I tried.  Take a look-see:

Lovely as a Tree Noel Color accurate watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree Yields a Golden Silhouette

Happy Saturday, y’all!  The weekend looms large and spreads with such promise on Saturday morning, doesn’t it?? I hope that you have plans to do something fun!  This post is short today – that’s how easy this card is to make…

You might recall a few posts back my card was inspired by the CAS(E) This Sketch #132 challenge.  The one that looked like this:

CTS Sketch 132

And I’d planned to use my Lovely as a Tree set.  But instead, my card became this:

Just For You CTS 132 Outside 4 watermarked

Well, I warned you that I’d probably reprise that sketch, but stick to my guns and use the Lovely as a Tree.  So here it is.  Take a look-see:

Golden Trees CTS 132

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Stampin’ Up! Cottage Greetings and Lovely As a Tree

I seem to be on a woodsy-themed kick this week!  It’s just that the Lovely as a Tree set is so nice to work with – especially the pine tree and the little pine cone bough, which appear to be my go-to sets.  And the sentiments and flowers in Cottage Greetings complemented the Lovely as a Tree perfectly on this card.

My friend’s birthday is next week.  I’ve known her since we were both riding staff counselors at Girl Scout camp sometime back in the Dark Ages.  We were in college in CO and spent two summers working in the mountains with horses and kids.  We had more fun than I can possibly tell you.  And we became the very closest of friends.  We don’t get to see each other a lot these days, nor do we talk on the phone much.  But, when we have a chance to be in the same spot – it’s like we were never apart.  Do you folks have friends like that?  The friends that just….are.  No work or effort required.  Being friends is just as easy as breathing?  I surely hope that you do!

So, anyway – she’s a Colorado mountain girl, and I wanted to make a card that honored her love of the Rockies.  My head-picture was of a mountain meadow at twilight – just like the one where our camp horses were pastured at night…..take a look-see:

Happy b-day Twilight Forest Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree and Timeless Love say “Happy Anniversary”!

Hey Mike Mike Mike!  What day is it, Mike?!?  It’s HAWMP-day!! LOL.  That commercial just cracks me up every time I see it!  Which isn’t all that often unless I’ve screwed up and am watching something in real-time and not on my DVR.  Which is almost never!  But, I digress….

I have a lovely anniversary card to share with you today.  It uses two of my fave stamp sets – Lovely as a Tree and Timeless Love.  One as old as the hills (rumor has it that it’s been in the SU! catalog since the very first catalog was published!) and one brand new.

This was a request-card from my mom for her good friend’s anniversary.  She asked for something “woodsy”.  I think I got it!  Take a look-see:

Woodsy Anniversary Outside 1 watermarked

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