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Stampin’ Up! Get Well Soup on Sunday

Here’s a question for all you smart folk out in blog-land.  When did it get so freakin’ expensive to be able to SEE?!?! I just recently spent more than a mortgage payment for new glasses.  Two sets of clear.  Update the lenses in my sunglasses (okay – these are Maui Jim’s and I have to say they’re the best sunglasses I have EVER worn – and worth every ridiculous penny!).  That’s two new sets and new lenses.  More than a mortgage payment.  How in the heck does that make sense?!?  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in my early twenties.  And in that 10 years or so ( 😉 ), the price has just skyrocketed!

To add insult to injury, my sunglasses will be ready in 8 – 10 days.  I feel a little stupid to admit that I’ve only got the one pair.  It’s completely killing me to have to do things outside without sunglasses – like drive.  Ever since my mom insisted that I wear sunglasses whenever I go outside – to protect my eyes – I have worn sunglasses whenever I go outside.  And now I can’t.  I miss them terribly!  I hope Mr. Jim hurries…..

So – on to today’s card.  It’s an easy one and won’t take a second to share with you!  My young friend (one of the twin boys young men I’ve told you about) is having tooth surgery tomorrow.  Wisdom teeth – one has some kind of cyst under it.  So, he’s getting the full-meal-deal.  Fasting.  IV anesthesia.  The works.  And they tell him to expect a few days of not-so-much-fun after.  I remember getting mine out, and I didn’t like the aftermath much.  So, I wanted to make a Get Well card – which I’ll take over to him tomorrow afternoon – probably with a chocolate milkshake (about the ONLY good side effect of wisdom tooth extraction!).  I used the brand new, ever-so-cute Get Well Soup stamp.  Take a look-see:

Get Well Soup Matt Outside 1 watermarked

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