Welome Winter

Stampin’ Up! Let It Snow Place

Mornin’, y’all – it’s Monday again.  The last Monday before Christmas.  With any luck, I’ll be headed to the post office soon and then we can get to the next large to-do list:  get ready for company arriving on Wednesday!  Whew…good thing the holidays only come around once a year!

So – Finn is back in the news.  And the headline reads:  “Finn-Chewie Hits Puberty”!  In other words, he’s a teenager.

I know this because he’s doing all the things teenagers do – testing the limits, deliberately provoking his parents, avoiding hugs, etc.  I call him and he heads the other way – never out of sight, just not responding.  We’ll be playing with the bumper and I throw it and he races to it…and right by it to go sniff something else.  And then gives me “the paw” when I call him.  Five minutes later – coming instantly when called, trotting right by the golf cart, just sweet as can be!

Like any parent of a teenager – I love him.  But…sometimes he’s a little hard to like right now.

And then – like any teenager – right before a parent just breaks down and kills him dead….he does something adorable.

The hanging out tongue does me in every time! 🙂  And you think he doesn’t know it?  Oh yes…he does! 🙂

This, too, shall pass and I’m betting we make it out the other side more mature and with lots of character.  Cuz…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, yes??

My card for today is another Snow Place family portrait.  But this time that devious penguin didn’t make it into the picture!  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Cozy Critters Labeler Winter!

Happy Hawwmp Day, y’all!  Love how quick that comes in a 4-day week, don’t you?

Just a reminder – we call this a Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) where I come from!  Today is the last day for Double Peppermint Rewards Points!  A lot of folks have taken advantage of this special – don’t you miss out, okay? 🙂

I spent this morning toting my kitchen-full of stuff that needed to be re-homed to the Goodwill!  Ah – feels good to get some of it gone, I have to say!  More to go, for sure, but…it’s a start, heh?

And my catalog share goodies arrived, so….there’s lots of cutting and snipping and wrapping in my near future!

One of the fun things that I got along with my shares – Stampin’ Rewards are a beautiful thing, aren’t they?! – is a little stamp set that caught my eye as soon as I opened the catalog.

Yea – it’s on the first page!

It’s the Cozy Critter host-exclusive stamp set – and I just love this little Owl!  I bought the Owl Builder Punch just as soon as I saw it – and grabbed the stamp set as soon as I could!  So that’s what I used today, along with my Labeler Alphabet stamp set.  Take a look-see:

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