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Stampin’ Up! Lots of Joy comes Home for Christmas!

Today’s share is another Christmas Card…can I get a “DUH!” from the blog-i-sphere?? I’m just really loving the Christmas themed stamps and papers in the new Holiday Catalog and they’re inspiring me.  Stampin’ Up! really outdid themselves with this release – I have many items on my list that I’m hoping and wishing will make it to the 2016-2017 Annual Catalog!  This set today though, Lots of Joy, is in this year’s Annual Catalog (so you could get it right now!) and has several really great sentiments, in beautiful fonts.  And, when paired with the new Home for Christmas DSP (in the Holiday catalog starting 1 Sept), and a great sketch….you get this.  Take a look-see:

Lots of Joy 1

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Stampin’ Up! Your Presents is requested for a Super Simple Single Stamp Sunday!

Alrighty then – as part of my promise to provide you with card ideas that only take a minimal amount of “stuff” to make – more specifically, one stamp set! – today I present (pun intended!) just such a card.  It uses the almost-available-so-close-you-can-just-taste-it Your Presents stamp set – new for the 2015 Holiday Catalog and available for your ordering pleasure day after tomorrow…  And that’s it!  Just that set.  All you need to add is a little ink, some holiday DSP, a Whisper White Note card and envelope and a little bling!

Take a look-see:

Your Presents Joy Outside 1 Watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Watercolor Wishes Celebration….and a Black Lab…..

Last week, my friend Jan – Mom to the twins I carry on about all the time – told me she wanted to buy a birthday card for a friend of hers.  Her friend bought one of the female lab pups that Jan had bred several years ago.  Emma.  That’s the dog.  To be honest, I’m not sure of the human’s name – I know I’ve heard it, but….I’m a lot better at fur-people names, apparently!

So, I sent Jan a couple of pictures of cards I have in my stash – to see if any of them were what she was looking for.  This is the one she liked for her friend (click the picture if you want to see how to make to this version!):

Pink and Black Celebrate FMS 195 Outside 1 watemarked

But!  She wanted a dog instead of the flower (which, incidently, is fussy cut from the new Timeless Elegance DSP!).  Easy enough, I thought.  Except I didn’t have a dog stamp – well, I have a paw print stamp, which I ended up using.  But that wouldn’t do.  So, I went out to the keeper of all wisdom and knowledge in search of my quarry.  Google.  And found exactly what I needed!  How ’bout them apples?!?!

We decided to stick with the black and pink theme, and Jan tells me her friend is girly-girl-ish and bling’s the thing.  So that’s the direction I went!  Take a look-see:

Celebrate Lab Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Bohemian Hello!

Well, safely home.  No more trips until….well, just about this time next month.  And then again about a month after that and then again in November and December.  Guess it’s business-trip season, huh?  It does look like I’ll be home for Thanksgiving this year, so that’s cool!

Watching some television – well, duh – you now know my dirty little secret.  We LIKE television shows!!  But, I just saw that Walmart is busy telling everyone to get busy buying for Christmas!  Yikes.

I decided to go away from Christmas themed cards for just a minute.  More Fall-ish, to match the weather.  And, I used some items from the Annual Catalog – since those are things you can get right NOW!  I pulled out some Bohemian DSP and paired it with Vintage Leaves and a few other classic goodies.  Take a look-see:

Bohemian Hello Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! O, Come All Ye Faithful!

Happy Thursday!  When you read this, I’ll likely be on my way back to the homestead.  Yeah!  The weather has been lovely here – I’m hoping it’s the same in Atlanta.  Fall-weather in August.  I’ll take it!

My cards have been kind of focused on the soon-to-be-available products from the 2015 Holiday Catalog.  How could they not be?  They’re wonderful and fun and beautiful.  And new – new toys ALWAYS get all the attention, don’t they!?  Today’s card is no exception, and it’s a Christmas Card using the Wonderland stamp set and All Ye Faithful.  I also pulled a single element from Every Blessing.  Take a look-see:

O Come on Ye Faithful Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Lighthearted Leaves Welcome Fall!

Good morning – and Happy Hump Day!  It’s Wednesday, which means I’m half way thru my business trip and almost ready to go back home.

Except for how I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon.  Lying on my bed in the hotel.  Awaiting time to go back out to dinner.

WARNING:  This is a bit long-ish, so….if you’re in a hurry, scroll right on by this next part until you see the card share for today! 🙂

Have you guys noticed that I’m a bit of a …. how do you say it??…..stick in the mud?  Home-body?  A morning person?  If you haven’t, let me share that news with you now.  I am NOT at my best in the evening (and that’s pretty much any time after about 6:30pm).  Here’s a totally normal evening for us – and it’s a routine that I love with every fiber of my being.  I’m sorry.  I like our routine.  I don’t care for it being disrupted.  In some regards, I may well be 92 years old.  God help whoever has to take care of my crotchety self if and when I ever really AM 92 years old.  And tread lightly if you’re going to change anything in my day-to-day-routine! 😉

We eat dinner between 5 and 6.  We usually watch a recorded show whilst we eat (yes yes, I know.  Bad for the diet.  Bad for….well, everything.  Got it).

We feed the horses.

We come back inside.

We make sure we re-set the kitty feeder bowls.

We watch the World News Tonight with David Sawyer. Pre-recorded.  We aren’t partial to commercials.  We have a pretty solid idea how far behind we have to be in order to not ever catch up while we watch the show.  It’s a matter of pride to never have to watch a commercial.

We watch one pre-recorded show.

I’m tired and I take a shower.  Wayne takes a shower.  We go to bed.

On a “late” night – this occurs at around 9.

Yea – we’re night-owls.

So here’s the point of this written perambulation.

When I’m away from home and staying in a hotel, my routine has been disrupted.  Like – a lot.  When I get back to the hotel in the evening, I’d better have already eaten or have take-out.  Cause….I’m there.  And thinking about bed.

Except tonight, I’m going out to dinner with some friends I don’t get to see except when I come here for meetings.  But, it’s going to take everything I’ve got…..  cause….yep.  Stick in the mud.

And – it’s practically bedtime!

So, I’m going to keep myself in busy mode by doing my blog post for tomorrow morning now – cause when I get BACK from dinner, it really WILL be bedtime!

This is a simple and easy card to make.  I found the technique in the new 2015 Holiday Catalog, and modified it to suit what I was after.  It uses Lighthearted Leaves (1 Sept!) and For All Things – a wonderful classic in the Annual Catalog.  Take a look-see:
Lighthearted Hello Fall Outside 2 watermarked

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What’s Up at Stampin’ Up! for 24 Aug

Before we get into the updates and take a gander at the new Weekly Deal offerings, I need to “print a correction” – guess that’s what I’d say if this was a newspaper editorial or article!  Yesterday, I said that Stampin’ Up! doesn’t have a white gel pen.  Well, I was wrong – and I stand corrected.  Because right there, in living color (er – living white??!) on page 163 of the new Annual Catalog, is, in fact, a White uni-ball Signo® Gel Pen.  Duh!  I completely missed it!!  I apologize for the confusion – I try hard not to make mistakes, but you know what they say – to err is human.  And I are one!

So, want to make snow?  We can help with that! 😉

The new Weekly Deals have some great offerings!  Check out the Gold Glimmer Paper – what a great Holiday accent that would make, huh?  And Very Vanilla Satin Ribbon.  Yes, please!  Paper piercing adds a subtle little extra detail to your cards and the Eclectic Paper-Piercing Pack is on sale this week.  Hurry while supplies last.

Holiday Catalog shares are still available, but we’re rapidly nearing the sign-up deadline.  Check here to see all the great new papers, ribbons and embellishments, and how you can get a taste of all of them! 🙂

See you tomorrow with a brand new card to share!



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Stampin’ Up! Peaceful Pines in the Woodlands

Yesterday, I shared a new tutorial on making custom envelopes and liners using your Envelope Paper, DSP and the SU! Envelope Punch Board (OBTW – this is the last day to get that little gem at 25% off!!).  And, I promised that today I’d be sharing the card that went along with the sample envelope.

I am a little teensy bit hooked on this new Woodland Textured Impressions Embossing Folder!  I am finding (and actively seeking!!) opportunities to use it.  (Sept 1 is fast approaching folks and you’ll be able to get these new Holiday Catalog products for yourself.  Start making your lists!!)

And I saw a card on Pinterest where someone had used that TIEF on one of my OTHER favorite new things…the Corrugated Paper.  I knew I had to try it!  Finally, one of my new stamp sets that I had yet to use is the very pretty Peaceful Pines – which coordinates with the Perfect Pine Framelits – and you can get them on 1 Sept in a bundle for 15% savings!.  So – I combined all three of those for this card today.  Take a look-see:

Believe Perfect Pine Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Envelope Punch Board for Custom Envelopes and Liners

I gave you guys a link to Mary Fish’s website the other day, so you could see how she makes envelopes and liners with the Stampin’ Up! Envelope Punch Board.  For today – I decided I’d show you a tutorial – that’s over on my Tutorial Page – so that you can see it right here.  Especially in light of the fact that the Envelope Punch Board is in the Weekly Deal line-up this week!

The coolest thing about being able to make a custom envelope liner with the Punch Board – is that you can bling-ify your custom-paper envelopes to match or complement your card-making masterpieces.

Add in the cool Envelope Paper – and there’s currently TWO kinds – the 2015-2017 In Color and the Neutrals.  And, starting on 1 Sept, SU! will be bringing Real Red Envelope Paper and Red Foil Sheets – two PERFECT choices for all your holiday card making!

So – head over to the Tutorials page to see how to make this envelope….

Envelope 18 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Dove of Peace

Okay – here’s the Dove I benched yesterday in favor of my Fall salute.  This card was inspired by one I saw in the new Holiday Catalog.  I thought it was gorgeous, so I did my own riff on it.

Take a look-see:

Dove Peace Outside 1 watermarked

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