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Stampin’ Up! Thoughtful Falling May Flowers

Mornin’, y’all!  It’s Tuesday!  Hope your week is going well!  Being Tuesday, I’ve got a couple of updates from Stampin’ Up! that I’ve added down below.  Be sure to check them out, okay?

So – as you’re aware, I’ve been trying to train Finn-Chewie.  I don’t want an “obedience ring” dog.  Nope.  I just want a dog who will come back to me when I call him, drop stuff if I tell him to – or leave it alone to begin with, and go with me like a sane being when I want to take him somewhere.

Oh – and I’d like to do some agility with him.

And have him be a therapy dog – I’d love to take him to hospitals and nursing homes.

So….obedience is a pretty critical step in becoming a good citizen.

We do a lot of Come-Click-Treat (CCT).  I call his name and say “come”.  If it’s a good CCT, Finn hits the brakes, spins around and returns on the fly to the golf cart.  As soon as his wiggle-butt hits the ground, I click the clicker and then give him a tiny milk bone.

He loves him some tiny milk bones!  And he does know what “come” means…just sometimes…he doesn’t want to!

But  – we’re working on it – repetition repetition repetition!  One day…ONE day…the conditioning will overcome the “don’t want to”!

She says with hope in her voice! 🙂

So, my card for today is an any-occasion card, using the pretty Falling Flowers bundle from the Annual Catalog and a couple sentiments from the Thoughtful Banners set.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Sealed With Love You Lots!

Well, it’s Monday again.  A-freakin’-mazing how fast the weekend flies by.  I wonder if it would if I was “really” retired?  Would I still get the Sunday-afternoon-blues?  Hmm.  Not sure.

So – I had a bit of a revelation this weekend.  Ready?  Here ’tis.

Mrs. Brady had it made.

Not cuz they knew it was much more than a hunch.

Not even cuz all the girls had hair of gold like their mother (the youngest one in curls).


It was Alice!

Mrs. Brady had Alice.

I don’t even know if she realized how good she had it – her fake tv house was always clean – fake dinner was always ready and the fake dishes were always done.

And – thanks to Alice – Mrs. Brady wouldn’t even have gotten upset over…

That used to be the stuffed squeaky toy he got for Christmas.  I think one of those white things is the squeaky thing…

Sigh…9 months.  15 more months of chewie….sigh…. Alice would just cheerfully vacuum up the mess.  No.  Wait – she’d pick up all the pieces, stuff them back in the toy and sew it up.  All while a lovely roast was cooking in the oven.

I want need Alice!! 😉

Now – my card for today is another Valentine’s Day card or a hey-I-really-love-you-here’s-a-card card.  I used the Annual Catalog host-exclusive set called Love You Lots, plus a few goodies from the Sealed with Love Bundle.  And threw in a little…Grateful Bunch!  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Special Reason Birthday

Hey, y’all!  Hope your weekend is going well.  We’re back to cold-ish.  Not as bad as it was a few weeks ago, but…cold for us.  I suppose it’s only to be expected!  Being January and all.

Finn LOVES the cold!  We have a hard time getting him to come in – we’ll look out and he’s chilling on the golf cart seat!  With the wind blowing his fur.  Goofball.

Saturday, though, when he was inside, he was defnitely wanting some lap time. Every time I looked up, he was standing by the chair giving me…the look. So we did a lot of cuddling!

I pulled his collars off to give his little neck a break – they get itchy, you know!  He loves to chew chains.  Have I told you that?  No?  Well – he does.  We do not know why.  So I’ll hand him his martingale collar – which is part chain and part nylon strap.  And he carries it around and lays down and chews it.  

And brings it with him to my lap!

This was half in – half out.  🙂  Look at those little feet and that freckly nose!

My card for today uses one of my very favorite-est bundles in the Occasions catalog – the Special Reason bundle.  I have all my fingers and toes crossed that this one carries over.  Y’all cross everything, too, okay?  For this card, I used just the Special Reason stamp set and the coordinating Stylish Stems Framelits.  And I pulled in some This Christmas DSP.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Sealed with Love Valentine’s Card

Good morning, y’all!  Happy Saturday! From home!

I was met with the anticipated wiggle butt – after he stared at me from the living room as I came in thru the garage door!  He wasn’t entirely sure who it was until I called him.  Then he was all over me!  And – didn’t even have an “accident”!  Maybe he’s outgrowing that little quirk…. 🙂

And – you do know we’re talking about Finn….right?  Not Wayne!

Just sayin’… 😉

So, it occured to me that since we’re getting really close to Valentine’s Day I probably ought to make a Valentine’s Day card.  Right?  I used the pretty Sealed with Love bundle and some Sending Love DSP to make a cute and easy little card for you to CASE.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! January Paper Pumpkin!

Good Friday, y’all!  Not “Good Friday” like it’s almost Easter, just good Friday!  By the time you read this, I might already be on my way home!

Or…not.  As I write this on Thursday evening, I have no real plans to leap out of my really very very comfortable Mariott bed and hurry to get on the road.  Of course, I almost always think that and then the morning comes and I wake up and just want to get home….guess we’ll see tomorrow how I feel about it this time around!

So – I had big plans that centered around my Paper Pumpkin kit for January.  My orange box arrived a couple of days before I came to Huntsville.  I figured I’d bring it with me and do a little leisurely stamping last night (Wednesday) and then share my prowess with you in this post.

I carefully gathered my box and an acrylic block and took them to the bedroom to add to my suitcase.

Yesterday morning, I got up and – instead of having my coffee and watching some tv – I had my coffee and did my blog post for Thursday.  See where I’m headed?  I’d have the blog post all done – leaving me with no work to accomplish on Wednesday evening.  Plenty of time for my planned leisurely stamping.

What do you think really happened?

Yep.  I’m guessing my orange box – with acrylic block in it – is sitting in my bedroom at home, right next to where my suitcase was sitting.

So…no personally-made-by-Mary January 2017 Paper Pumpkin kit.

And – now that I think of it – the pictures probably wouldn’t have come out so bueno – no good light in the room!

But.  I’m going to share what’s in the kit and what it makes.  As well as a quick video.

I also have a reminder about the sale going on for new subscribers to Paper Pumpkin – which can help you earn one or more Sale-A-Bration goodies!


Between now and the end of March, get a discount on 3-month prepaid subscriptions and instantly qualify for a FREE Sale-A-Bration item!

3-Month Prepaid Subscription (137859) $59 $55 

Or…take it to the next level with a 12-month prepaid subscription!  You’ll save over $2/month with the everyday awesome price, earn Stampin’ Rewards, and instantly qualify for 4 FREE Sale-A-Bration items!

12-Month Prepaid Subscription (137861) $215

So – now that you know how to get signed up and get some free goodies – let me show you what’s in the January Kit.

Which I guess I’ll get to do this weekend! 😉

When you open the box, you’re going to see….(the video shows it all!)

  • 24 tiny treat bags
  • 8 photopolymer stamps – every PP kit includes an exclusive stamp set!
  • 1 Calypso Coral Classic Stampin’ Spot
  • 5 sheets of die-cut banners and hearts
  • 3 sheets striped vellum banners
  • 4 sheets of gold foil heart stickers
  • 24 mini arrows
  • 12 yds of gold thread
  • 75 dimensionals
  • 200 adhesive dots

And here’s what you’ll be able to make!

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Stampin’ Up! Lift Me Up & Away Birthday for the Happy Inkin’ Thursday Blog Hop


Good morning, y’all – welcome to another edition of the Happy Inkin’ Thursday Blog Hop!  This is color week – and it was a bit of a doozy! – so be sure to check out everyone’s project to see how they worked it, okay?

Here’s our color scheme….

I took the easy way out and used some of the new Cupcakes & Carousels DSP (which uses Bermuda Bay and Peekaboo Peach!) and added in some of the fun stamped images and die cuts from the Lift Me Up Bundle (which included the Up & Away Thinlits – with a cool 10% saving!), along with a sentiment from the Tin of Cards stamp set.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Avant Garden Thank You

Happy Hawwmp Day From Huntsville!  Made it safely after a quick stop at the dentist to replace the crown I pulled off on Sunday.  Bleh! 🙁 Had my traditional first-night-in-Huntsville-Vietnamese dinner. Yum! 🙂  Did some “real” work and now…chatting with y’all! 🙂

Finn was not thrilled that I was leaving.  He found the suitcase rolling down the hall to be…suspicious.  And uppity!  It simply would not yield to his herding prowess.  Just kept going and going…

He really hated the van doors opening and being held back – he was ready to ride! 🙁

But – he got to go with his dad on some man-errands after I left, so I suspect he’s over it.  🙂

My project for today is a little note-card I made using the free Sale-A-Bration Avant Garden stamp set, and a sentiment from the Rose Wonder stamp set.  Plus a couple other goodies.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Moon Baby Twinkle Star!

Good Tuesday morning to y’all!  Hope you’re having a good week so far.

Me?  I’m off in a couple of hours for a business trip to Hunstville –  back on Friday!  So I’ve been trying to get a little ahead on cards – since taking all my stuff for 3 days is…ridiculous!!

Isn’t it?


Of course.

That would be crazy.

Speaking of crazy – my living room floor looks like a paper factory exploded in it.  Courtesy of…yes.  You got it.  The Paper Pilferer.

I think that picture pretty much says it all, don’t you?? 😉

My card for today is a study in timing!  I was sitting at my craft table yesterday afternoon when my husband’s nephew called to tell him they’d had their baby!  A little boy.  At that exact moment, I was holding the Moon Baby stamp set in my hands and all of a sudden I had an actual reason to make another baby card!  So…I pulled out some Floral Boutique DSP and the So Detailed Thinlits, and…take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Cool Tasty Treats!

Happy Monday, y’all!  Once again I’ll say I hope this finds you safe!  Quite the weather weekend we had, yes?  As I write this on Sunday night, I can say we got off lucky.  We did find a tree down over our perimeter fence – thank goodness for smooth wire!  And a huge branch on the wood fence.  So a little work for Wayne. 🙁  But overall, so far so good.

Finn’s definitely learned a new skill from this wet weather.  It’s the fine art of standing still while your mom tries to dry off all your fur.  Every.  Time.  He.  Comes.  In.  Bleh!  The downside of having a dog!!  But, on the flip side, the rain water is making his coat all silky and shiny! 🙂

He’s ready for the nice weather again, I know.  He’s a little bored.

And you know what happens when a teenager gets bored….


You know.

He’s a little cray-cray! 🙂

My card for today is one that depends heavily on some of the pretty Tasty Treats Specialty DSP.  I let the paper do the work and just added a sentiment from the Cool Treats stamp set and a few little embellishments.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Swan Lake Any Occasion Card!

Mornin’, y’all!  I hope this find you safe and sound after yesterday’s wild weather in so many parts of the country!  We got rain.

And more rain.

And then wind.

And rain.

Our pond overflowed the spillway.  Got some water in the basement.  But – overall, could have been much worse.

Finn’s day was messed up.  I didn’t get up as usual, cuz I felt like crap.  He went to feed with his dad in the morning, but they couldn’t go on their run cuz it was freakin’ pouring.  He did spend a little time outside playing when we had a weather break.  And we were able to give him an evening run.  But…the whole schedule was just…messed up! 🙁

I parked the golf cart at the end of the walk in preparation for the last “do” on the horses.  Mr. Finn didn’t want to come in with us – the night was lovely after the rain moved out.  This is what I found when I went back to check and see if he was ready to grace us with his presence.

Just chilllin’, Mom!  I’m good.  🙂

My card for today is a card you could give for any reason or “just because”!  It uses a new stamp set – this is my first time playing with the pretty Swan Lake set.  My friend Jari did a card the other day using the Annual Catalog Blooms & Bliss DSP – reminding me how pretty that paper is, so I used a little of it, too.  Take a look-see:

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