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Stampin’ Up! Sprinkles of Life And Many More

When I take either of my cats to the vet – which I avoid at all possible costs (due, mostly, to the fact that they both get quite carsick and it’s pretty much a nightmare for all of us) – they somehow….know.  Long before I actually GET the cat carrier.  I don’t know how.  Cat ESPN, perhaps?  Whatever it is, as soon as I even THINK – “hey, I need to get the carriers so we can take the cat(s) to the vet” – they’re just gone.  Under a chair, deep in the bowels of the chair actually (sorry I said “bowels” on the internet).  Up so high that they can’t be reached, cowering in fear.  Yes, they detest the carrier, the car, the vet, the outdoors…. 🙂

Why do I tell you this story, you ask?

Well, right now, my MasterCard is pulling a “cat about to go to the vet” routine in my wallet.  Trying to make itself as tiny as possible, in the hopes that it will be passed over…..


Tomorrow is the start of the SU! Demonstrator Pre-Order for the 2015 Holiday Catalog! Whoo-hoo-hoo-HOO!!  I’ve tried so hard to not make a list as long as my arm, but….I’ve been a little less than successful, I fear.

My husband would be relating to my MasterCard’s feelings. If he only knew…shhh….let’s just keep this a little thing between you, me and the blogisphere, shall we??

Anywho….on to today’s card.

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Stampin’ Up! Get Well Soup on Sunday

Here’s a question for all you smart folk out in blog-land.  When did it get so freakin’ expensive to be able to SEE?!?! I just recently spent more than a mortgage payment for new glasses.  Two sets of clear.  Update the lenses in my sunglasses (okay – these are Maui Jim’s and I have to say they’re the best sunglasses I have EVER worn – and worth every ridiculous penny!).  That’s two new sets and new lenses.  More than a mortgage payment.  How in the heck does that make sense?!?  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in my early twenties.  And in that 10 years or so ( 😉 ), the price has just skyrocketed!

To add insult to injury, my sunglasses will be ready in 8 – 10 days.  I feel a little stupid to admit that I’ve only got the one pair.  It’s completely killing me to have to do things outside without sunglasses – like drive.  Ever since my mom insisted that I wear sunglasses whenever I go outside – to protect my eyes – I have worn sunglasses whenever I go outside.  And now I can’t.  I miss them terribly!  I hope Mr. Jim hurries…..

So – on to today’s card.  It’s an easy one and won’t take a second to share with you!  My young friend (one of the twin boys young men I’ve told you about) is having tooth surgery tomorrow.  Wisdom teeth – one has some kind of cyst under it.  So, he’s getting the full-meal-deal.  Fasting.  IV anesthesia.  The works.  And they tell him to expect a few days of not-so-much-fun after.  I remember getting mine out, and I didn’t like the aftermath much.  So, I wanted to make a Get Well card – which I’ll take over to him tomorrow afternoon – probably with a chocolate milkshake (about the ONLY good side effect of wisdom tooth extraction!).  I used the brand new, ever-so-cute Get Well Soup stamp.  Take a look-see:

Get Well Soup Matt Outside 1 watermarked

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