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Watercolor Wings Book Card

Here’s something you don’t know about me.  I am an ORGANIZING MAVEN!!  I LIVE to clean and organize my household, my barn, my life.  My closet is organized by color, garment type and day of the week.  My kitchen – well, let’s just say that it could pass for Martha Stewart’s kitchen.

I am possibly the most organized person you will ever know – virtually or in reality.

She said – never!

I’m possibly the polar opposite of everything I wrote above.  Oh, I have good intentions.  I can straighten and organize an area in the house and it looks quite awesome.  And then I USE that area and….well, you know.

Why am I telling you this, you might ask?  Well – think back a few posts, when I told you that I’d lost the piece of paper with the recipe for the book Wedding card.  Remember me telling you that I would likely FIND said paper where I least expected I would?  Guess what?  I was right.  I DID find it.  Tucked away with my embellishments and a couple of ink pads.  That’s where you’d have stuck it, right?  Certainly you wouldn’t have carefully placed it in your computer roll-on with the other pieces of paper with card recipes.  THAT would be crazy. 😉  But, find it I did – so here’s how to make a book card.

Now, this is a different card – I decided to make a new card using the same technique.  So the card cuts will be very close to what I used in the wedding card – just different colors.  If anyone wants the actual info for the Timeless Love wedding card – just leave me a comment and I’ll post that one as well.

I decided to use the Watercolor Wings set – brand new! – Butterfly Basics, and the Thoughts and Prayers set to create a Get Well card.  Take a look see:

Watercolor Wings Book Card Outside 2 watermarked

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One of Those Days….and a Thank You Card!

So – if you’ve been a follower of my blog for any time at all, you know that I very recently got home from 4 ridiculously long months in California.  In case you’re new here (welcome! 🙂 ) and let me just say that I wasn’t in the part of CA that you see Clint Eastwood talking about on TV.  No indeed.  But – I’m home now.  And I’ve been taking a couple of weeks of vacation.

We live very near Atlanta.  We have lots and lots of stuff to do here.

Six Flags over Georgia.

Water Parks.

Lake Alatoona, West Point Lake and Lake Lanier within an hour or two.  And a nice fishing boat in the garage.

Calloway Gardens just a couple of hours south of us.  And I hear the butterflies are hatching.  De-robing?  Un-cocooning?

Stone Mountain is close and apparently fun.  Nope – never been there.

One of the best aquariums in the country – just up the road.

The Coca-Cola plant and museum – just up the same road.  And it boasts the opportunity to try Coca-Cola products from all over the world.  Sorry, though – until they make Diet Mountain Dew….I’m a Pepsico girl.  And – other countries have some pretty……”hmm” ideas of what makes soda taste good.  Just sayin’.

Bottom line?  We gots lots and lots of cool, fun things to do – right here.  So – what do you think we did?

Yup – you guessed it.  We replaced the toilet in our master bathroom.  I believe the old one is as old as the house (and it’s no young-un!) and was really ready to be replaced.  Like coffee and toilet paper – there’s just some things that are life-critical.  Toilets that WORK are right up there on that list (maybe for DH the entire outdoors is a valid alternative, but….not for the DW (that’s me)!).  So it was necessary.  But, I must say – if asked to write a one page (single spaced) essay on “What I did on summer vacation” – this would be kind of pathetic!

To top it all off – it’s been “one of those days”.  You know the kind I mean?  I’ve been in a completely stinkin’ mood all day.  One might even say…..

bitchy day

No idea why or where-from the great B****-iness overcame me today – but it did.  Which I’m sure added to the overall pleasantness of replacing the toilet for my DH.  Oh!  Did you think I meant “WE” when I said “we”?  No – HE did the toilet while I supervised, read the directions (which he pretty much ignored), checked for leaks, etc.  The usual.

But – it’s done now.  Ready to roll.  Or flow.  Or….something.  And I’m sure tomorrow will be much better!  And hopefully the little bundle will be all gone.

Now – let’s get on with why you came here today, shall we?  My card today was one I did to thank my friend in CA for all the help he gave me on this last trip.  It uses the brand new Happy Birthday, Everyone stamp set, and is done in a few of the new 2015-2017 In Colors.  Take a look-see:

Len Thanks Outside 1 Watermarked

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