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Watercolor Wings Book Card

Here’s something you don’t know about me.  I am an ORGANIZING MAVEN!!  I LIVE to clean and organize my household, my barn, my life.  My closet is organized by color, garment type and day of the week.  My kitchen – well, let’s just say that it could pass for Martha Stewart’s kitchen.

I am possibly the most organized person you will ever know – virtually or in reality.

She said – never!

I’m possibly the polar opposite of everything I wrote above.  Oh, I have good intentions.  I can straighten and organize an area in the house and it looks quite awesome.  And then I USE that area and….well, you know.

Why am I telling you this, you might ask?  Well – think back a few posts, when I told you that I’d lost the piece of paper with the recipe for the book Wedding card.  Remember me telling you that I would likely FIND said paper where I least expected I would?  Guess what?  I was right.  I DID find it.  Tucked away with my embellishments and a couple of ink pads.  That’s where you’d have stuck it, right?  Certainly you wouldn’t have carefully placed it in your computer roll-on with the other pieces of paper with card recipes.  THAT would be crazy. 😉  But, find it I did – so here’s how to make a book card.

Now, this is a different card – I decided to make a new card using the same technique.  So the card cuts will be very close to what I used in the wedding card – just different colors.  If anyone wants the actual info for the Timeless Love wedding card – just leave me a comment and I’ll post that one as well.

I decided to use the Watercolor Wings set – brand new! – Butterfly Basics, and the Thoughts and Prayers set to create a Get Well card.  Take a look see:

Watercolor Wings Book Card Outside 2 watermarked

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