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Stampin’ Up! Hey, Chic Stacker!

Happy Hawmp Day, y’all – we’re racing towards the weekend once again.  This time, I’m not really ready for the weekend to arrive.  Going out of town for three days and…do you think I have my cards ready for the weekend??  Nope.  Not even close!  So – keep your fingers crossed that my creative juices flow the next couple of days, okay?  🙂

Finn is very fast.

Perhaps you didn’t know that.

He’s a speed demon!

I have proof!


He raced around that pile of logs about 5 times, as fast as he could go, carrying that danged stick!

And then…

The natural result of racing around like a fool!  Excessive panting.

Followed by his new favorite thing – ponding!  He drinks and wades and tries to get sticks out of the water.  And this morning, he added – dunking his belly in!  Just a quick little lay-down to cool off quicker!

And make mom get the towel out!

My card for today follows a trend you can see all over Pinterest.  Stacking chickens.

I don’t know why people are stacking chickens so much – it just ain’t natural! – but they are.  So I thought I’d give it another shot.  The Sale-A-Bration stamp set called Hey, Chick gave me the whole cast of characters.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Chicks Having a Balloon Adventure!

Happy Sunday-after-the-great-SNOW EVENT-of 2017!  I know it’s hard in a blog – but….do you sense the sarcasm!?  We were all battened down.

23 loaves of bread – CHECK

10 gallons of milk – CHECK

Bathtub filled with water – CHECK

Meals-Ready-to-Eat On Hand – CHECK

Rifle loaded and at the ready in case the zombies showed up with the blizzard – CHECK

Camera ready to record Finn’s First Snow – CHECK CHECK and CHECK!

And…what did we get?

Yep.  Ice covered trees.  And well-digger-lunch-bucket cold!  And some wind – just to make the well-digger even colder.

Not a trace of snow anywhere!  So…no pictures of Finn boinking around in the snow! 🙁

Sorry, y’all!  You’re just going to have to make do with a card share!

For which, I used the fun Balloon Adventures stamp set and the bundled Balloon Pop-Up Thinlits.  And…a couple of surprise visitors from the Hey, Chick stamp set in the Sale-A-Bration flyer.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Hey, Chick Sneak Peek and Some Hexagons Wire

Mornin’!  Well, the big day is here!  My Russian “son” arrives tonight!  Late, since he’s coming international… 🙁  But that’s okay, I’ll make some cards to stay awake.

Or I’ll still be making his bed back up and trying to wrap Christmas gifts.  Maybe even still vacuuming the floor.  If “last minute” was an Olympic sport, I’d have medalled several times over!

Finn had a breakthrough today.  He discovered….The Pond!  Who knew you could actually drink out of it??!  Before today, it was just a source for nibbling on really nasty mud right by the edge.  That was fun, cuz it made mom holler!

But, now he knows it’s for drinking!  I suspect that come summer he’ll figure out it’s a great swimming spot!  It’s fun watching him “discover” new things that seem so every-day to us!  Buck was sort of born an “old soul” – seemed he just knew things from the git-go.  But this little guy still has much to learn!

Oh – and in other news, he destroyed a catnip pouch.  The cats’ catnip pouch.  He did it ever so quietly.  And then looked at me like he couldn’t quite understand why I’d take the tattered and soggy remains away from him. 🙂

So – today’s card is just a fun little silly one – using the cute chickens from the Sale-A-Bration stamp set called Hey, Chick!  This is one you’ll be able to get for free when you spend $50 during Sale-A-Bration.  Which starts on 4 Jan.  I added some…”chicken wire”….using the Hexagons Dynamic TIEF.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Hey, Chick Sale-A-Bration Freebie…Sneak Peek!

Hey, y’all – here we are at Friday again.  Here in GA we’re hunkering in our houses trying to avoid the smoke from the fires in GA, TN and NC.  Seeing pictures on FB of horses in harms way, homes burned or in jeopardy.  Please pray for all the humans and animals affected.  Help them if you can.  And pray for rain.  Or snow.  Or any sort of wet stuff to come from the sky! 🙁

As for us, as we hunker, we’re watching Finn grow!  And become more and more of a “velcro” dog!  His fave activity (well, one of them!) is to “help” me in the kitchen in the evening.

I wanted him to bond with me, and it appears he really has!

Now.  This next picture may be disturbing to some of you as it shows the naked bottom of a 6 month old child.  So, if you’re easily offended, please scroll down really fast!

I noticed something the other day.  I have proof that my little kid is an angel.  It’s written on his….bottom….

Right??  Tell me that doesn’t look like the picture of an angel.  No.  Don’t tell me cuz I won’t believe it.  It’s a sign, I tell you!! 🙂

So anyway – on to my card for today.  It’s almost as cute as my puppy!

One of the fun little things you’ll be able to get for FREE during Sale-A-Bration is a stamp set called “Hey, Chick”.

You’ve already seen me use a second product from the SAB flyer – the Carried Away DSP.

You can see that the paper stack has a bunch of different designs.  I took one of them and the Hey, Chick stamp set, put them together, and this is what I came up with!  Take a look-see:

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