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Stampin’ Up! Hey, Chick Sneak Peek and Some Hexagons Wire

Mornin’!  Well, the big day is here!  My Russian “son” arrives tonight!  Late, since he’s coming international… 🙁  But that’s okay, I’ll make some cards to stay awake.

Or I’ll still be making his bed back up and trying to wrap Christmas gifts.  Maybe even still vacuuming the floor.  If “last minute” was an Olympic sport, I’d have medalled several times over!

Finn had a breakthrough today.  He discovered….The Pond!  Who knew you could actually drink out of it??!  Before today, it was just a source for nibbling on really nasty mud right by the edge.  That was fun, cuz it made mom holler!

But, now he knows it’s for drinking!  I suspect that come summer he’ll figure out it’s a great swimming spot!  It’s fun watching him “discover” new things that seem so every-day to us!  Buck was sort of born an “old soul” – seemed he just knew things from the git-go.  But this little guy still has much to learn!

Oh – and in other news, he destroyed a catnip pouch.  The cats’ catnip pouch.  He did it ever so quietly.  And then looked at me like he couldn’t quite understand why I’d take the tattered and soggy remains away from him. 🙂

So – today’s card is just a fun little silly one – using the cute chickens from the Sale-A-Bration stamp set called Hey, Chick!  This is one you’ll be able to get for free when you spend $50 during Sale-A-Bration.  Which starts on 4 Jan.  I added some…”chicken wire”….using the Hexagons Dynamic TIEF.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Hexagons Dynamic TIEF Sneak Peek Gift Card Holder!

‘Sup, y’all!?  The week is progressing apace – Christmas is almost here!  I took out a second mortgage today to mail packages with UPS.  Crazy.  It’s my own fault for waiting so long – procastination is expensive, it turns out – but….really?!?  One might think I’d learn my lesson after doing the same darned thing every year.  But apparently not…

Speaking of lessons – Finn-Chewie sort of got one today from the Haflinger School for Dogs.  He – against my advice – went into the pasture with the horses this morning.  

Cerah decided she didn’t really want him around and stomped her foot at him.  Which caused him to bounce back.  Which made Cady decide he must want to play tag – which she and Buck used to do! 😉

Finn-Chewie didn’t “get” the tag thing.  All he saw was Cady chasing him – which caused him to growl/bark/tuck his wiggler and boogie as fast as he could to the fence.  It turns out that they’re a lot bigger when they’re coming at you with their heads down than they are walking docilely ahead of you to the pasture with Mom leading them.   I think he thinks they’re moving because he’s following them! 😉

Poor little dude.  Except I told him to not go in the pasture.  And I tried to call him back out of it.

Teenagers.  They have to learn the hard lessons on their own, I suppose!  Cuz parents are dumb and also boring.

Getting savagely attacked by rogue Haflinger ponies does make a kid thirsty.  Hose time!  He bites the water as it comes out! 🙂

So – my card for today isn’t even a card.  It’s a gift card holder.  Gift cards are so easy and usually welcomed by the recipient, right?  But I always sort of feel like I’m phoning it in a little when I give them.  So, if I can give them in a cute holder, it assuages my guilt.  I made two gift card holders with the new (Occasions catalog) Hexagons Dynamic TIEF.  Take a look see:

hexagons-dynamic-tief-gift-card-holder-2-stamps-n-lingers hexagons-dynamic-tief-gift-card-holder-1-stamps-n-lingers

These are so darned easy!  I started with a piece of 4 1/2″ x 6 1/8″ Real Red card stock.  I scored it along the long side at 1 1/4″, then turned it and scored 2″ in from the other end.
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