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Stampin’ Up! Delicate Embellished Ornaments

Good morning!  It’s Monday again.  One week from today I’ll be getting on a plane for a fun-filled month in Yuma, AZ.  I know – you’re envious of the glamorous, jet-setting life I live – I’m sorry to brag and rub it in!  But, before I do that, I have to decide what to take with me – Stampin’ Up!-wise.  My Big Shot for sure.  Paper Trimmer.  Envelope Board? Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas stamp sets.  Framelits.  Embossing Folders.  Inks. Paper – that’s always hard cause it’s so heavy.  Ribbons and embellishments.  I’m going to try to get my things there in suitcases – rather than shipping it.  I’m only gone for a month – and when you ship, you have too many days on each end where you don’t have your things.  We’ll see if I can make it happen.

These are the things that keep me up at night! 😉

The card I made today is a study in ornaments!  Delicate Ornaments.  Embellished Ornaments.  Easy to combine them since I bought them as a 15%-off bundle!  I used lots of shiny, glittery paper, too.  Take a look-see:

Delicate Embellished Ornaments 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Every Blessing and a Flurry of Wishes for You

We have a grass carp.  Well, probably more than one.  But, in our back pond – there’s just one.  It’s a pretty new pond, you see.  Not a lot of vegetation.  And kind of seasonal.  So we only put one grass carp back there.

Tonight, while the horses were eating, we took a ride down to the back pond.  To check on the grass carp’s welfare.  Please note – we haven’t named the grass carp.  That would be weird.

We noticed a significant lack of….well….grass!  Which immediately caused us consternation and concern.  What to do?  We’re not really sure what a grass carp might eat other than grass.  Maybe some hay?  Some chaff?  Chaff is chopped up hay and a little molasses (our old guy gets that to supplement his other feed).  Perhaps some ragweed?  We gathered up some of each and carefully threw it into the pond.

We don’t want our un-named grass carp to starve.  Obviously.  He’s the only one in the pond.  Do you think he thinks he’s on some barren planet somewhere at the end of a portal (yes, I’ve been watching Marvel – Agents of Shield!)?  Do grass carp think?

It’s not weird to worry about your grass carp.  Right?


Anywho – on to why you stopped by!

I deviated from my normal A2 size card for today’s share.  This one is 5″ x 7″ overall.  I needed that much room to execute the design.  Which was inspired by the Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #292.  Head over there to see what everyone has made, okay?

SSSC 292I used the pretty Every Blessing stamp set – from the Annual Catalog – some flurries of snow from Flurry of Wishes, and a few Lucky Stars!  Take a look-see:

Every Blessing 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Embellished and Delicate Ornaments for Christmas!

Good morning, y’all!  It’s Wednesday and I’m once again away from home for business.  I’ll be back on Thursday, so it’s a short trip.  In anticipation of being away from my card-making goodies, I made two cards over the weekend and on Monday to be “ahead” of the game!  Before I share today’s card – a little story….

I have a Master’s Degree in Adult Education.  Yes, it’s true. I’m all edu-ma-cated and stuff!  One thing I learned in my course of study, was how to teach by example.  You can show students a “true” example.  “See?  If you do these things, in the order I’ve shown you, you’ll get the ‘right’ answer”.  You can also, however, teach by showing “close, non-examples”.  The end product is really….almost…right….  It’s also a method for tripping students up on multiple choice tests.  Two answers that look almost the same…but only one is correct.  The other is close.  A non-example.  That’s a simplified explanation.

But, why do I tell you this completely non-cardmaking, unrelated story?  Well, cause I sort of messed up one of my cards that I so industriously made ahead of time – and I didn’t have time to go back and re-do it.  So, I decided, having the heart of an educator, to use this as a teachable moment.

Stick with me, guys – you’ll know of what I speak soon.

My card design was based on the very pretty sketch from Mojo Monday.  #416, so be exact.  This is a great sketch, so please take a minute to go see what the other talented folks have come up with!

MM 416

When I saw the sketch, my brain said “Embellished Ornaments!”  So that’s what I pulled out – the bundled set, with clear mount stamps and matching Delicate Ornament Thinlits.  I grabbed my Dazzling Diamonds and Red Glimmer Papers.  I inventoried my gold and silver foil.  I found a piece of Winter Wonderland Designer Vellum.  And this is what I came up with.  Take a look-see:

Embellished Ornaments 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Embellished Ornaments and a Snow Flurry

Today’s share is not a Christmas Card.  It’s not even a card.  It’s a card HOLDER! Which in some cultures would be called a….box.  But, this is a special and highly embellished box, worthy of your beautiful creations!

After I spent yesterday playing with all the new DSPs and ribbons and embellishments, and then sorting thru all MY new stamp sets and punches and dies….I was in a gluttonous state of crafting overload.  I have so many new things that I want to create with – I hardly know where to start!  But – I decided to narrow it down to the new Season of Cheer DSP, the Embellished Ornaments stamp set and its matching framelits called Delicate Ornaments (which is one of the many great bundles available in the Holiday Catalog!) and finally the Snow Flurry Punch.  I brought that all together and made…this.  Take a look-see:

Embellished Ornaments Card Box 6

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