Stampin’ Up! Nature’s Animal Outing Sneak Peek

Happy Sunday, y’all, from sunny SoCal!  Hope your weekend is going well.

So – I got in to Palmdale around 3pm yesterday.  All was going pretty well, until I was about half way here.  And then I started to have some…inconveniently located itching.

I figured it was my skin rebelling early and vocally against returning to the land-of-needing-a-zillion-gallons-of-lotion-a-day.

And then I got into the room and discovered the error of my figuring.

My first day of my trip – normally spent setting up my craft area, doing some grocery shopping and generally getting settled and nested up….was, instead, spent in the local ER discovering I have full-blown hives.

Say what now!?

I’ve never had hives in my life!  But – they kind of suck – and, they spread while I was sitting in the ER.

And – they itch like fire.

Why the heck anyone thinks fire would itch is beyond me…

I got a shot of dexamethasone to help reduce the swelling and the itch.  In my hindquarters.


But at that point I was desperate so I didn’t care.

Once I finally left the ER and got my groceries and prescriptions filled – it was late CA time.  And thus Late LATE GA time.

All that was to say that I’d planned to share how to make today’s card with you – in lieu of a video tonight.

But – I need to go to bed.  Desperately.

Which means I changed my mind.

I’m allowed.

So here’s the card…. I made it using the new Animal Outing stamp set.

It’s a card that used the Sunday Stamps sketch challenge!

Here’s my game plan.  Tonight, Sunday, I’m going to get set up and we’re going to do a video.  Here on my Stamps-N-Lingers FB page.  At 8pm eastern.

I don’t know that we’ll make this card – or any card.  May just take a little tour of the space I set up.  And this’ll be a little different – cuz of how I flew here.  So – really had to pare down my choices of things to bring.  Regardless – we’ll get together and, if nothing else, check the internet speed!

One way or another – I WILL tell you how to make this card.  For certain sure in my Monday blog post.

My apologies for the paucity of this post (hey…at least you got a new word!) – but…needs must.  And I NEED sleep so I MUST go to bed now!

Hope to see you tonight, my peeps!





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Finn Fan Fix

No FFF’s for a minute, guys.  Cu of how – he’s there and I’m here! 🙁

He’ll be back, though!  Despair not – absence makes the heart grow fonder! 🙂


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32 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Nature’s Animal Outing Sneak Peek

  1. Sandra Warthen

    Have never had hives but hear they are very uncomfortable. So sorry…

  2. Oh Mary that is horrible for you, and you have to work as well! Do hope the medication gives you some relief, hope it does not turn out to be some other nasty for you. Take care. Rosalie.

    • stampsnlingers

      Yea – I do. Hoping that by tomorrow the meds have taken hold somewhat! Thanks, Rosalie! 🙂

  3. Looking forward to hanging out with you tonight – doing and seeing whatever you have. It’s always fun. Cute card, too!

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks, Sue! Was nice of you to watch! 🙂

  4. What a cute card Mary! Love the design and the paper that you used is just perfect. What a bummer on the crazy itching! Hope that the shot in the butt and the medication has you all fixed up. And hope that you don’t get into whatever caused the itching to begin with a second time!

    • stampsnlingers

      Right? I would just as soon not repeat this! Thanks, Amy! 🙂

  5. Bernice P

    Mary.. so sorry to hear of your distress… hope the swelling and itching are relieved quickly…

    Cute card…

  6. Barbara Riefner

    He is such a pretty boy. I will miss hearing about him.

    • stampsnlingers

      I’ll have a picture each day – and I have a couple of stories up my sleeve! 🙂

  7. Oh, dear, I am so sorry about those hives…hives are for bees, not sweet people like you! Glad it’s not shingles. I look forward to being with you tonight no matter what you are doing. Take care my friend. Oh, and your card is so cute. That’s on my order for Tuesday.

    • stampsnlingers

      Yea – when I first saw them – I was afraid they were shingles. But – I Googled it and decided it wasn’t! Phew!! Thanks for joining us, Karen! 🙂

  8. Kate

    Very nice.
    Hives not so bueno. Hope you were able to rest.

  9. Robbie Miller

    Hives … UGH !! I get them occasionally and they are very very uncomfortable. Glad you went to the ER … steroids will calm it down. Hope you find what caused them and stay away (far away) from it. When I was little my grandmother would say … jokingly of course … it was the meanness coming out in me … may have been something to that … LOL !!
    You get some rest and feel better !

    PS: The card is super cute … love the paper and the color combo !

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks, Robbie! If it’s my meanness – I hope it quits soon! I’ll need a little of it left for the next few weeks! 🙂

  10. Mary, here praying you are better this morning and the meds didn’t make you too sleepy. If I got that shot it would put me out for 2 days. You can tell us tonight all is well and you had a great nap today. You’re allergic to flying. Ha!ha!

    • stampsnlingers

      I sort of am allergic to flying in the back, that’s true enough! Thanks so much, Shirley! 🙂

  11. Susan K

    Oh my! What an awful start to the CA stay. I pray the shot helps and the hives are stress-related and not chronic! So, take some deep breaths and don’t scratch! I set my alarm for tonight’s Live and hope for a good report.

    • stampsnlingers

      Not scratching is definitely not easy! 🙁 I, too, hope that this isn’t something that will keep coming back. Ohhhmmmmm…ohhhmmmm….ohhhmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. Ellie Peckler

    Oh, Mary! You are a real trooper. Here’s hoping you notice a paucity of hives right soon. (Yes, I did have to look it up.) And thank you for a truly adorable pic of your fur baby. Take care! – Ellie

    • stampsnlingers

      LOL! You used it in a sentence – good on ya! Thanks so much, Ellie – have a great week! 🙂

  13. Eunice Stoneman

    Oh no! Hives are not fun. They itch like crazy and burn like fire after you scratch them. So sorry to hear that your first day here on the west coast was a bummer, lol. I am sure that everyone will forgive you if you don’t do a video/card today. You do an exceptional job of providing new and interesting ideas for cards – every day! I hope you are feeling better today and that you will be able to enjoy your time in California.

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks, Eunice! I too am hoping they go away soon! And I appreciate the kind words!! 🙂

  14. Rita R

    Just said a prayer for you, Mary! S-o-o-o sorry you had a run-in with the itchy hives! Hope the medication is working speedily!

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks very much, Rita – it all helps! The medication is working – but…probably not as fast as I’d like! 🙂

  15. Kathy Fennell

    Oh my Mary that sucks! Any clue what may have caused the hives? I bet its because you were going to Palmdale (not a very exciting place)! I’m sorry you have had to start you trip to Cali this way. 🙁 Hope you get to feeling better! Maybe we will see you tonight, take care my friend! 🙂

    • stampsnlingers

      No – it’s not very exciting! But I have to say that the Palmdale Regional Medical Center was…interesting! 😉 Thanks very much, Kathy! 🙂

  16. Uughhh Hives!!!! I feel for you and I hope you feel right as rain soon!!!!! ..

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