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Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree Brings Peace

It’s Friday.  Finally.  Following a week made up primarily of Mondays (okay, Tuesday was pretty good, but the rest of the week….there’s been knots in the floss for sure).  I’m very much counting on this being the last weekday post from Arizona!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me! 😉

Thanks for stopping by yesterday – hope that you enjoyed our Black/White/Gold creations.  Next Hop will be on Christmas Eve!

Today’s share uses Lovely as a Tree – one of our oldest (and most beloved?) stamp sets.  When I get sad that Wonderland (2015 Holiday Catalog – and retiring soon!) is going away, I pull Lovely as a Tree out and remind myself of its beautiful images – including one of my very favorites.  It’s a wonderful little pine cone on its bough.  And I just love it.  So, I combined all that with a sentiment from Peaceful Wreath (also retiring on 4 Jan 16), and this is what I came up with.  Take a look-see:

Lovely as a Tree Peace 2 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Peaceful Midnight Woodland Run and a Happy Stampers Blog Hop



The Happy Stamper Ladies-Who-Hop have gathered their projects to share with you this week.  We all very much appreciate that you take the time out of your pre-Holiday hair-on-fire busy-ness to browse our creative efforts.  Thanks so much!

Here’s our design inspiration – this week was a color challenge!  We were to use Night of Navy, Soft Sky and Silver.  Well – I had two out of three here in Arizona – so my share uses Pool Party instead of Soft Sky.  Bad planning, I guess! 🙁

For my card, I did something that – quite frankly – I’m ashamed to confess I hadn’t even thought about doing.  Until one of the ladies in our group made a card where she did this cool thing.  That I’m now going to kind-of-CASE.  Since I didn’t think of it my own self, I feel obligated to surrender my Official Horse Person club membership card.  I simply Can.  NOT.  Believe.  I. Didn’t. Think. Of. It. First.

Take a look-see and I think you’ll catch my drift.  And agree with my dis-barment.

Peaceful Woodland Run 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Jolly Holly Christmas!


Good morning, all – are you recovered from your food comas??  Did you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving?  I want to thank you all for stopping by here yesterday for the Blog Hop, even in the midst of your family time!

I think there’s two kinds of people when it comes to the day after Thanksgiving.  There are those of you who’ve been in line at Walmart/Best Buy/The Mall/etc etc since 5 this morning.  And who will shop till you drop today and probably have all your Christmas shopping done by the end of the day.

That is not me.  Never has been!  I prefer to stay safely at home.  Preferably putting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations.  Thanksgiving is, for me, the starting gun for Christmas.  And, quite frankly, that’s the piece that’s making me homesick today.  I got to talk with my mom yesterday and my “second” family in GA – all at dinner, Wayne there with them.  And that was nice.  I very much miss the dinner festivities – and always wish my mom was there with us.  But Christmas dinner will come and we’ll do it then! (I know you’re reading this Mom – Clara WOULD ride in the airplane, you know!).

But, today, I’m not getting my house all blinged up for the holidays.  I’m in a hotel room in Arizona (I was in a hotel room in California for Thanksgiving last year!) And that makes me a little sad.  Of course, I’m also not cleaning my house – and that makes me feel pretty happy! 😉

Anywho – the point of that little rant is….get ready.  There’s going to be lots of Christmas cards coming your way in the next few weeks!  Like today!  I used the Holly Jolly Greetings bundle, a little Versatile Christmas (this one is on the Holiday Retiring List – so you need to get it soon if you want it!), and some Peaceful Wreath (also on the Retiring List!).  Take a look-see:

Jolly Holly Christmas 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Peaceful Wonderland for the Happy Stampers Blog Hop!


Good Blog-Hop-Thursday-Morning to y’all!  I hope you’re ready for some beautiful projects from all the Ladies-Who-Hop.  We added a new hopper to the list for your creative enjoyment – Heather Wright-Porto is our newest addition.  Be sure to check all of them out – links are below!

This week was a sketch challenge….

12043085_1271122592914313_575455954017426796_n (1)

Pretty wide open, huh?  Well, it gave me a great chance to try a little something that I saw out on Pinterest.  Wonderland  – one of my favorite stamp sets! – done in….Night of Navy!  Not what you’d expect – but, it looks awesome, especially when paired with some Crumb Cake.  Take a look-see:

Peaceful Wonderland 2 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Peaceful Wreath and Peaceful Pines Wish for Peace

Happy Friday, y’all!  Thanks for joining us for the Happy Stampers Blog Hop yesterday.  I hope you saw some cool projects and learned a few fun techniques to try in your card making and crafting!

Today’s card share uses two beautiful stamp sets from the Holiday catalog.  Peaceful Wreath (although you won’t see any wreaths!) and Peaceful Pines (we’re just so danged peaceful this morning, huh?).  I’m on a bit of a don’t-use-red-or-green-in-Christmas-cards kick – don’t really know why.  Guess I’m just enjoying making things that are unexpected and having them just work!  So, take a look-see:

Peaceful Wreath Peaceful Pine 2 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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