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Stampin’ Up! Pink Pop Of Paradise Thinking of You

Made it to Friday again, y’all!  Yippee!  Only one more weekend and a week and then I’ll be on my way home! 🙂  Time for some home time – harvest the tons of tomatoes and Chile Peppers, maybe plant some more turnips – did I tell you I brought a mess of them with me?  Cooked them last weekend – oh my goodness!  They were sooooo good!  I froze a bag of them to take home so Wayne can try them.  But….they’re kind of calling my name – he may be out of luck!  If y’all like turnips and have a garden – get you a packet of White Ball turnips.  They’re spectacularly good!

No – I haven’t changed my blog to a garden show! 😉

Let’s do a card, shall we?  This one took me back to one of the first stamp sets I got in the new catalog – in the Demonstrator pre-order.  Pop of Paradise features a cute and saucy flamingo.  I paired her with one of the cool sentiments in the set and gave her a little assist from the fun Love You Lots set.  Take a look-see:

Pop of Paradise Thinking of You 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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Stampin’ Up! Flourishing and Floral for the Happy Stampers Blog Hop

Mornin’, y’all –  welcome to another edition of the Happy Stampers Blog Hop.  We had a fun sketch challenge to play with this week – are you seeing the trend?  Color – sketch – color – sketch… 😉  Hope you’ll take a little browse thru everyone’s projects today – all the links are down below!

But first…here’s the sketch:

I kinda turned this one on it’s head.  Or….it’s side, I suppose it really was!  I pulled out the Floral Phrases stamp set – and the Flourish Thinlits.  And a teensy little bit of Floral Boutique DSP.  Which helped me to craft my colors.  Take a look-see at what I came up with:

Floral Flourishing Phrases 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers

I made this a blank-on-the-inside thank you card, so I could tailor it for whatever thank-you need I come up with!
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Stampin’ Up! Gift of Love You Lots!

Happy Hawmmp Day!  Do I spell that different each week…?  Hmm…  maybe.

Maybe you know – or don’t – my hubs and I have been married for….26 years!   Yup – 26 years last April.  And we were together for a few before that.  Crazy, huh?  Yes, I married him when I was 14 – it’s the only possible way this could have happened! 😉

Or not.

Anyway – I miss him!  I miss our routine.  And knowing what he’s going to do or say before he does or says it. Even though sometimes that drives me nutso when I’m home! 😉

So – I decided to send him a card.  And I used a fun little Host-Exclusive set, called Lots of Love.  Now, this is a stamp set that it took me a while to decide I needed.  I mean…turtles?  Hedgehogs?  Elephant?  What the heck was I going to do with those?

Well – I still haven’t done anything with them – but this card uses the image that was the final deciding factor:

Gift of Love You Lots 8 - Stamps-N-Lingers
Seriously?  Just about as cute as it gets.  The set didn’t have the exact sentiments I wanted – but another of the Host sets: Gift of Love did. (didja notice how clever I was with the title of this blog post??  Go ahead and take another look – I’ll wait….)

So I used them both.  Take a look-see:

Gift of Love You Lots 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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Stampin’ Up! Always an Adventure Birthday Card

Good morning!  Hope your week is going well.

So – I suspect all of you have “that” friend.  The one that, no matter how long a time goes between visits, when you do get back in the same room, you take back up right where you left off.  A year before or ten.  Doesn’t matter.

“That” friend for me, Sally, is someone I met all the way back in college.  Yes – a million years ago.  We were riding counselors at a Girl Scout camp in the mountains in Colorado.  Our first meeting was in the horse corral meeting the string of horses who’d just arrived for the summer.

I thought she was totally goofy!  (I was wrong) (Well, mostly – she’s a little goofy!!)

She probably thought I was a total geek/dork/stick-in-the-mud.  (She was right!) (I’m a lot cooler now.) (No.  Really!)

Within days – we were “those friends”.  The ones who spent the entire summer together.  And the next summer.  Playing with horses.  And kids.  And going to see movies on the weekends.  And eating s’mores.  And singing John Denver songs by campfires (possibly we were both a little dorky).

It was….wonderful!

And we’ve been “those friends” ever since.

So – as her birthday approaches, I thought I’d make a card reminiscent of our first times together.  And, as you might surmise, the Always an Adventure stamp set and its matching dies, Outdoor Adventure, were the perfect choice!  Take a look-see:

Always an Adventure Birthday 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
No – that’s not a horse.  No, we never saw any bears.  It’s an artistic rendition – not a photo! 🙂

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Stampin’ Up! Watercolored Flourishing Phrases Notecard

Mornin’ y’all – it’s Monday again!  I hope you had a super weekend and are refreshed and ready for the workweek!

I have no funny stories today – Duck Duck hasn’t been caught doing anything cute that I know about!  My trip to the grocery store was not even sort of funny.  Pretty boring weekend, really.

Which is exactly what I was looking for! 🙂  Hope you got what you were looking for this weekend, too!

I have a fun card for you today – I used a technique I saw on a blog somewhere.  I can’t for the life of me remember where – but….I thank that SU! demonstrator for the idea!

To make this card, I used the pretty new stamp set called Flourishing Phrases and the matching Flourish Thinlits.  Take a look-see:

Watercolored Flourishing Phrases Note 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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Stampin’ Up! Thank You From Thoughtful Branches

Hey, y’all!  It’s Sunday and I have a couple things to share with you!  Before I get going on card things – I have a Duck Duck story.

So – you remember that we have a couple of deer twins hanging around, right?  Well, Wayne told me that there was a bit of a meeting of the species-minds (and schnoozles!) today.  The mom and babies were playing and grazing right by the pond – and Miss Thing came hurrying across the pond and hustled her little goose-butt right up the bank to have a bit of a face-to-face with the babies!  Apparently there was some concern that there might be some tasty something that the babies were getting that she wasn’t!  And that for darned sure wasn’t going to fly!  Mama was uninterested, but the kids were a little perplexed about the noisy, squakackling thing making such a fuss!

I wish I could have seen that…. 🙂

The second little thing is card related and it’s exciting!  Well, it is to me, at least.  I found out yesterday that my CAS(E) This Sketch card that I made for their Challenge #180….was the winner of the challenge!! Thanks to all the ladies at CTS for picking my card!  Since I’m pretty sure you don’t have all my cards memorized and associated with the sketches….this is the one!

Seaside Shore Hey 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers
If you want to see how I made it, you can go to it right here.  Also, be sure to head over to CAS(E) This Sketch and see the other winners, okay?

Okay – on to the card for the day!  I used the new set – Thankful Branches and Beautiful Branches (stamp set and Thinlits, respectively).  

I know I used the same set yesterday, but bear with me.  I’m still in love, okay?  And this set offers so many possibilities – I want to show you how versatile it really is.  Take a look-see:

Thoughtful Branches Thank You 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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Stampin’ Up! Thoughtful Branches Hydrangea

Happy Weekend, y’all!  As I promised – I’ve got a peek at the beautiful new stamp set called Thoughtful Branches!  This one is so new, in fact – that only demonstrators can get it right now!  But not to worry – on 2 Aug, you’ll get your chance.  And boy – are you going to want it!!  Take a look at the set, first, okay?  You can click either picture and see a full-sized flyer!  Check those great sentiments and fonts!

Thoughtful Branches 1 - Stamps-N-LingersThoughful Branches - Stamps-N-Lingers

I know you can see all the possibilities of this set – and your creative brains are already spinning!  I used it today to make a thank you card – I love the combination of sentiments in the stamp set.  And, as you can surely tell by the title of this post – I made a hydrangea.  One of my favorite flowers! Take a look-see:

Thoughtful Branches Appreciation Hydrangea 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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Stampin’ Up! My Hero Makes Christmas in July Merry!

Good morning, y’all!  As I type this, it’s thundering outside, maybe getting a splatter of rain.  Well…I went and closed my cracked-so-the-little-Soul-doesn’t-explode-in-the-heat-windows, so it won’t actually rain, I’m sure! 😉

Since I’m not at home, there haven’t been many Duck Duck updates – sorry about that (she’s become something of a celebrity….).  But yesterday, while Wayne was feeding the horses, I was on the phone with him, so I got a bit of an update.

Right from the Goose’s beak, so to speak.

Apparently he was wasting a lot of time giving the ponies a cool shower when they came in the barn.  And she was giving him H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS for it, too.  And his phone headset (Wayne’s – Duck Duck doesn’t have a phone of her own.  Yet) was picking up every word!  So I could hear her griping and moaning and complaining, and him laughing and telling her he was coming….it was quite the cacophony in my ear, I can tell you!  Then I got to listen as he tried to get her to go out of the barn ahead of him – we obviously need a very low energy Australian Sheperd to help us help her to not get run over!  She’s quite content to be right underfoot!

I miss the goose.

Which is one of the weirdest statements I’ve ever written…. 😉

So, let’s get on with some card making, shall we?

This one is another Christmas in July card.  I was playing with challenges and the design teams like the theme.  I combined the Ronald McDonald charity stamp set called My Hero (check it out on page 209 of the catalog – it’s got lots of fun images, covering a myriad of occasions – and SU! will give $3 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) for each set sold!) and the Host-exclusive set called Time of Year.  Take a look-see:

My Hero Christmas in July 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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Stampin’ Up! Double Peppermint Rewards Bonus Ending Today!

This is my second post for today – if you’re looking for my card that I shared in the Happy Stamper’s Blog Hop this morning – check it right here!

But – wanted to send one last reminder….


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Stampin’ Up! Beautiful Banners for the Happy Stampers Blog Hop

Mornin’, y’all –  welcome to another edition of the Happy Stampers Blog Hop.  This week we’ve got a color challenge – and it includes three totally summery colors!  I know that our Happy Stampers Blog Hoppers will have all come up with some very lovely projects, so be sure to take some time to hop and peruse! 

I decided to use the very versatile Banners for You bundle – with the Banners For You stamp set and the Bunch of Banners Framelits.  Take a look-see:

Banners For You Thanks 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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