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Stampin’ Up! A “Light”hearted Leaves Card!

It’s Friday!  And I’m almost on my way home.  Whoo-hoo!  It’s been an interesting trip.  Good that I came – I think they need my help, whether they know it or not!! 😉

But, I’m for sure looking forward to my Tempurpedic bed.  I believe this one is a piece of plywood.  With a mattress cover!  From the Dollar Store.  Sheesh.  Definitely not the best Hampton I’ve ever stayed in – definitely will be the last time I stay here.

Got some good news today – my travel for my trip to Yuma (a 30 day adventure – did I tell you they have killer bees there!?!?  Some kind of mutant bee that gets pretty pissy pretty quick.  Can’t wait!) was approved today.  Yeah??  That gave me the chance to go ahead and book my flight.  Thankfully, there was one middle seat left.  So I got it.

I hope the sarcasm came thru….

But – that’s neither here nor there.  Today’s all about another glowing card!

I couldn’t help it.  I had a piece of the Crumb Cake card stock left over, just the right size for a petite little fun fold card.  I loved the first one I did so much that I just had to do another one.  And this one uses Lighthearted Leaves – a stamp set that seems made for this kind of card.  Take a look-see:

Lighthearted Leaves Glow Card 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Into the Woods and A Fun Fold for the Happy Stampers Blog Hop!


Welcome to Week 2 of the Happy Stampers Blog Hoppers Blog.  Hop.  Wow – that was the Department of Redundancy Department, wasn’t it?!  We’ve got a bunch of talented ladies hopping with us this week, so when you’re done here, please head over to their blogs to see how they interpreted the challenge for this week…

….which was a color challenge – we needed to use Rich Razzleberry, Soft Suede and Old Olive.  Score!  Some of my favorite colors and so awesome together.  Kind of just cries out for some Into the Woods DSP, doesn’t it?


A while back I saw a card on Pinterest that had a really cool fold – called a Box Pleat.  I vowed to make a card with such a fun fold one day – and this is the day!  And, as I promised yesterday, I’m using another beautiful-font sentiment from the host stamp set called Six Sayings (there’s a little bit of Friendly Wishes thrown in, too).  And, of course, Into the Woods DSP.  And. in spite of the complicated-looking-but-really-easy-to-do fold, this is a clean and simple card!  Take a look-see:

Six Sayings Into the Woods 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Vintage Leaves Meets Seasonal Frame!

Good morning, y’all!  When you read this, I’ll be on the way to spend a day crafting and carding and playing and eating and (hopefully!!) winning a prize or two!  Wish you could all come – I read someone was flying in from San Diego!  Yikes! 🙂

Now, today’s card is going to look awfully familiar.  That’s cause I used the same sketch challenge as my starting point that I used yesterday.  Normally, I wouldn’t do that.  But, when I first saw the sketch a couple days back, I actually had two card pictures get into my head.  So, I’m doing the one I didn’t do yesterday today.  Saturday.

So, this design was also inspired by Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #288.  Be sure to go over and check them out!

SSSC 288

For this one, I started with Into the Woods DSP as my color scheme launching point.  And I used just one TIEF – the Woodland TIEF.  For my sentiment, I used a die from the Seasonal Frame Thinlits.  And, of course, some Vintage Leaves.  You can see it’s going to go in a completely different direction than the All Ye Faithful card.  Take a look-see:

Vintage Leaves Seasonal Frame 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! O, Come All Ye Faithful!

Happy Thursday!  When you read this, I’ll likely be on my way back to the homestead.  Yeah!  The weather has been lovely here – I’m hoping it’s the same in Atlanta.  Fall-weather in August.  I’ll take it!

My cards have been kind of focused on the soon-to-be-available products from the 2015 Holiday Catalog.  How could they not be?  They’re wonderful and fun and beautiful.  And new – new toys ALWAYS get all the attention, don’t they!?  Today’s card is no exception, and it’s a Christmas Card using the Wonderland stamp set and All Ye Faithful.  I also pulled a single element from Every Blessing.  Take a look-see:

O Come on Ye Faithful Outside 1 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Lighthearted Leaves Welcome Fall!

Good morning – and Happy Hump Day!  It’s Wednesday, which means I’m half way thru my business trip and almost ready to go back home.

Except for how I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon.  Lying on my bed in the hotel.  Awaiting time to go back out to dinner.

WARNING:  This is a bit long-ish, so….if you’re in a hurry, scroll right on by this next part until you see the card share for today! 🙂

Have you guys noticed that I’m a bit of a …. how do you say it??…..stick in the mud?  Home-body?  A morning person?  If you haven’t, let me share that news with you now.  I am NOT at my best in the evening (and that’s pretty much any time after about 6:30pm).  Here’s a totally normal evening for us – and it’s a routine that I love with every fiber of my being.  I’m sorry.  I like our routine.  I don’t care for it being disrupted.  In some regards, I may well be 92 years old.  God help whoever has to take care of my crotchety self if and when I ever really AM 92 years old.  And tread lightly if you’re going to change anything in my day-to-day-routine! 😉

We eat dinner between 5 and 6.  We usually watch a recorded show whilst we eat (yes yes, I know.  Bad for the diet.  Bad for….well, everything.  Got it).

We feed the horses.

We come back inside.

We make sure we re-set the kitty feeder bowls.

We watch the World News Tonight with David Sawyer. Pre-recorded.  We aren’t partial to commercials.  We have a pretty solid idea how far behind we have to be in order to not ever catch up while we watch the show.  It’s a matter of pride to never have to watch a commercial.

We watch one pre-recorded show.

I’m tired and I take a shower.  Wayne takes a shower.  We go to bed.

On a “late” night – this occurs at around 9.

Yea – we’re night-owls.

So here’s the point of this written perambulation.

When I’m away from home and staying in a hotel, my routine has been disrupted.  Like – a lot.  When I get back to the hotel in the evening, I’d better have already eaten or have take-out.  Cause….I’m there.  And thinking about bed.

Except tonight, I’m going out to dinner with some friends I don’t get to see except when I come here for meetings.  But, it’s going to take everything I’ve got…..  cause….yep.  Stick in the mud.

And – it’s practically bedtime!

So, I’m going to keep myself in busy mode by doing my blog post for tomorrow morning now – cause when I get BACK from dinner, it really WILL be bedtime!

This is a simple and easy card to make.  I found the technique in the new 2015 Holiday Catalog, and modified it to suit what I was after.  It uses Lighthearted Leaves (1 Sept!) and For All Things – a wonderful classic in the Annual Catalog.  Take a look-see:
Lighthearted Hello Fall Outside 2 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Into the Woods, Lighthearted Vintage Leaves….Thanks!

I saw them!  Really!  Leaves turning color.  I’m not delusional.  Our Dogwood Trees are starting to show some color!  That means there’s hope, folks.  The summer sauna WILL end!  And then I’ll be whining about being cold – just you wait and see.  And when I do, please feel free to direct my attention back to these posts where I whined and complained about the heat.  You have my permission to rub my virtual face in it! 🙂

I had a card all ready to go for today’s post, using the beautiful new Dove of Peace stamp that you can get your hot little hands on on 1 Sept.  But then, I made up a card for a CAS(e) This Sketch challenge, and I was so tickled with it that I switched up the batting order.  The Dove will debut on Saturday!

This is the sketch that inspired my design.  Those folks over at CTS are really talented and they give us such fun sketches for inspiration.  This is Sketch #137.  Be sure to go over and check them out, okay?

CTS 137 sketch

I went to a few obvious choices for this one.  Well, obvious for me, anyway.  Vintage Leaves.  Lighthearted Leaves.  Into the Woods DSP.  And – more of the wondrous Corrugated Paper!!  Love love LOVE this stuff!  Take a look-see:

Fall Thanks CTS 137 Outside 1 watermarked

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