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Stampin’ Up! Soft Seedlings Joseph’s Coat Card with Video Tutorial

Good morning, y’all!  Hope your weekend is going well!  We’re sort of laying low – but…the shelves are bare of pumpkin for the man so….it’s off to Wally today for sure! 😳

There’s a really cool coloring technique called Joseph’s Coat, which is a sort of emboss resist technique that happens to be really perfect for Fall cards!  I mean – it’s good for a LOT of card types – but…Fall is my fave for using it!  That’s what I did for today’s card, using the Soft Seedlings stamp set.  Take a look-see:

Stampin' Up! Soft Seedlings Joseph's Coat Card with Video Tutorial

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Stampin’ Up! Winter Woods and a Snow is Glistening Sneak Peek

Mornin’, y’all!  If you’ve got the day off – hope you enjoy the down-time!  If not – get to work!  You’re going to be late! I do NOT have the day off.  And so I’ll be working and going to the dentist and packing to head to Colorado tomorrow.  Long day, indeed!

If you were able to join me last night for my Facebook Live video, I appreciate you taking the time!  Especially given the fact that I dropped you like…5 times?  Sheesh!  I truly don’t know what the issue was – but…the bottom line is that all but the very last 10 min or so was lost in the ether.  Maybe Al Gore has it – I don’t know.  But – there was really nothing worth posting on YouTube.  I’m so sorry! 🙁

Waaaahhhhh!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

But – it’s a GREAT card.  And a GREAT technique – so…I’ll do another one for y’all soon, I promise!

So – I’ll try to ‘splain it to you in this post, okay?

I used the soon-to-be-available Snow Is Glistening stamp set (get it on 1 Nov!) and the wonderful Winter Woods to create a fun modified Joseph’s Coat card.  Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Joseph’s Coat Flourishing Phrases Note

Happy Hawwmp Day, y’all!  I hope your week is going well, the weather is fine and your families are safe and sound!

Yesterday was a landmark day here at Raining Leaf Farm.  I formally told the girls that they were done with their grazing muzzles for 2016! 🙂

There was much chuckling and lip-flopping and licking.  And a decided bounce to their step as they headed to the pasture to begin gorging on (hopefully!) dying-off grass.  They hurried a bit – I’m sure in an effort to put as much distance between me and them – in case I realized I’d made an error and tried to get them back.  There were several furtive glances back over their fuzzy shoulders to be sure I wasn’t hustling after them! 🙂

I feel a little bad for them – they’ve worn the muzzles for quite a while this year, and I know they were completely over them….  But…they’re a lot better than the alternatives, I promise.  Unfortunately, they don’t care about my explanations and professions of love!  They just hate the muzzles! 🙂

So, with happy and very full ponies taken care of, let’s get to the card for today.  Last week, our friend and former upline (before she moved back to the frozen tundra of Canada!), Sandi MacIver, did a card using the Joseph’s Coat technique.  You can check it out right here.  I thought it was really cool, so I wanted to give it a shot.  I did mine with the Flourishing Phrases stamp set, and the bundled Flourish Thinlits.  Take a look-see:

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