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Stampin’ Up! Notes of Nature Lovely & Sweet Sneak Peek Card with Video

Good morning and happy Friday!  Another weekend – and then…next week is Thanksgiving!! I did most of my shopping on Wednesday.  I think.  Hope??

So – I was going to TRY to not use goodies from the new January – April 2024 Mini Catalog until…at least…December.  Cuz it felt sorta mean.  “Hey y’all…Look at these amazeballs new things but…nope – you can’t have it until JANUARY!”

But then I realized it would be mean and selfish to NOT share right now!  Cuz there IS a way you can get them in December!  More on that later!!

The very instant that I saw the Nature’s Sweetness Suite, I had to have it.  HAD.  TO.  HAVE.  IT.  And had to use it.  NOW!

And so I did.  I used the entire Suite – Notes of Nature and Lovely & Sweet bundles and the Nature’s Sweetness Specialty DSP, plus the new trim and embellishments to make a card for a friend!  Take a look-see:

Stampin' Up! Notes of Nature Lovely & Sweet Sneak Peek Card with Video - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Fresh & Cheerful as a Daisy Friendship Card with Video Tutorial

Mornin’, y’all!  Hope your weekend is going well!  We did spend some time in the garden yesterday morning – I mean… it was ONLY 80 at 9am so…

We planted three kinds of lettuce in Kratky bins and they’re busy germinating.  Those will stay inside under lights for their whole lives – hoping to actually get some lettuce without the bugs having their way with it!  And we got some more ancho pepper plants started (I hope!).  Those will go in the garden in a few week (again – I HOPE!).  And then – we retired to the AC!  Where Finn had stayed the whole time – being a lot smarter than his parents!

So – my card today is a summery number featuring the Cheerful Daisies bundle and some Fresh as a Daisy DSP with a Copper Clay background.  Take a look-see:

Stampin' Up! Fresh & Cheerful as a Daisy Friendship Card with Video Tutorial - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Reach for the Stars You’re Stellar Card

Happy Monday, y’all!  And – we’re back to a normal schedule with cards and Finn most days.  Yeah!  We’re headed to pick him up this morning and I’m very excited to see him.  We got home yesterday after a long day of travel – to find everything in good order and Cady happy to see us!

My card today is out of this world!  Well – it features the Reach for the Stars bundle and the truly amazeballs Stargazing DSP!  I love this DSP so much – I’d like it as a full size mural on a wall in my office!  Take a look-see!

Stampin' Up! Reach for the Stars You're Stellar Card

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Stampin’ Up! Go To Greetings Under a Willow Tree

Good Monday morning!  I hope your weekend was great and that you got a lot of your “to-do” lists done.  Or..NOT – if that was your plan to start with!

We crashed HARD – again! – last night – Saturday was a long day and Sunday, too, for that matter!  And that included the Man!  He finally found his lick and decided he doesn’t mind traveling and hotels.  Especially ones with cool tile floors and a blower thing that he can stand right in front of and have cold air blast his face!  He even decided he was okay with the elevator!  He IS tired – finally!  On Saturday, he was up and down every time we slowed down – for much of the ride to Huntsville.  On Sunday, he was sacked out and sound asleep in the car within 10 minutes of hitting the road! LOL

My card today features a bunny.  Under a Willow Tree.  This little bunya is saying howdy with one of the cool Go To Greetings sentiments!  Take a look-see:

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