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Stampin’ Up! Layered Letters Alphabet Happy New Year Card


Well, good morning to you all on this very first Stamps-N-Lingers Blog Post for 2016! 🙂  I hope that you all had a great New Years Eve – and didn’t need too much hair of the dog this morning!  We did our usual – woke up (blearily) for a few minutes when we heard fireworks outside.  And went right back to sleep.  Yes, it’s true.  We are dyed-in-the-wool party animals! 😉

I made y’all a fun Happy New Year card today – but, when you see it, you’ll know that it could be a card for a lot of “Happy” occasions!  I used an old favorite – one I haven’t pulled out in a while – the Layered Letters Alphabet stamp set.  I also picked an image from the soon-to-be-retired Six Sayings Hostess set from the 2015 Holiday Catalog.  And I also took advantage of the Confetti TIEF – available in just 4 days in the Occasions Catalog!  Take a look-see:

Layered Alphabet Happy New Year 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Lighthearted Leaves Super Simple Thank You!

Well, as anticipated, the night sky was not visible for us last night. So we missed the most-Super of the 2015 Super Moons AND the super-rare Total Lunar Eclipse of said Super Moon.  Perhaps we’ll still be around in 2033 and will get to see it then.  If any of you saw it – was it completely awesome?!?!  I SO wanted to see it!! 🙁

Today’s share is a super simple card to make.  It takes a little bit of time to make 8 of them like I did – cause of how you get to color!  I just used the Lighthearted Leaves, Watercolor Wishes and the Tin of Cards stamp sets, and added some color from 4 Fall-centric colors in the 2014-2016 In Color suite: Blackberry Bliss, Hello Honey, Tangelo Twist and Mossy Meadow.  Take a look-see:

Lighthearted Leaves Thanks 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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Stampin’ Up! Awesomely Artistic Fluttering Thanks….and Blog Candy #3!

Well, as promised – here’s the final package of Blog Candy that I’m giving away to celebrate my 100th Blog-post-iversary (which actually happened last Tuesday!).  So far, we’ve had one winner!  Blog Candy package #2 is still out there to be won – go to this post to enter, before 6 PM Mountain time TONIGHT!!  Then be sure to read all the way to bottom of THIS post to find out how to win the finale Blog Candy! 🙂

Quick back story.  Y’all have surely figured out that I’m a horse person.  I’ve followed the teachings of Clinton Anderson now for several years (PSA – if YOU are a horse person, check his training method out.  It works!).  When you go to one of his clinics, there’s an exercise that he has the attendees do – in a large group of horses and riders, they all just trot or canter around the arena – with all the riders holding on to the horn of their saddle and the reins just flapping.  They’re not steering their horses at all.  The purpose is for the horse to maintain whatever gait has been asked for.  It does work, but it can get pretty….sporty.  At some point, every horse ends up trotting or cantering right up to a fence and then he gets to the fence and he makes a decision.  Left?  Right?  Well, if the rider has decided that the horse is going to go left….and the horse goes right….there’s likely to be a parting of ways.  So, Clinton always says – don’t decide which way the horse is going to go.  Stay in the middle of the saddle and don’t anticipate.  That works – cause you’re not already thinking one way, only to be….disappointed.

And what, exactly, does this story have to do with stamping and this card?  Stay with me here…..

Today’s card was inspired by CAS(E) This Sketch #135:

CTS 135 sketch

I should have called this card my “decisioning, debating, dithering” card, cause that’s what I spent quite a bit of time doing today.  I pulled out Sheltering Tree.  I took out the large leaf from Vintage Leaves.  I considered Sprinkles of Life.  Finally decided on Awesomely Artistic, because…well, just because I love it!  And here’s where the back story comes in.   I decided I was going LEFT before I knew what my horse was going to do.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.  In card-making-speak, I made an “ingredient” decision and wouldn’t let it go.  It all turned out okay, but it resulted in lots more debating and dithering to.  To be exact, I decided I was going to use the new 5/8″ Smoky Slate Chevron Ribbon.

Perhaps the analogy was looser than I thought…. ?

Here’s what I came up with.  Take a look-see:

Awesomely Artistic Fluttering Thanks CST 135 Outside 2 watermarked

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Stampin’ Up! Color Me Irresistible and Tin of Cards say a Vintage Patriotic Thank You!

Well, this morning a very very cool thing happened to me.  Possibly the coolest thing that’s happened to me in….well, a really long time!

After I got done with the horses this morning, Wayne and I were sitting on the porch behind the barn, enjoying the 2.3 minutes that remained before the heat cranked up from yucky to miserable.  He was just sitting drinking his coffee and I was buried in my phone looking for a recipe.  All of a sudden he says – kind of quiet-like “Mare (that’s what he calls me – I assume it’s a shortening of my name and not a comparison of my hindquarters to those of my ponies…)”  “Mare, there’a a hummingbird”.  I look up and there, indeed, was a hummingbird!  About 2 feet in front of my face, hovering there with his little wings going so fast they were a complete blur.  He looked right at me for about 20 seconds and then he was gone.  I’m sure the feeders are filled and fresh, so…not sure what he was after, but – I’m so very glad he stopped by for a chat! It. Was. Way. Too. Cool!!

He may have been telling me thanks for the feeders – I’ve got two that I keep going this time of year.  I’ve even started making nectar – after having read that the commercial stuff is bad for them.  Or perhaps he’s a teenager-hummer and he was saying “hey lady! What’s with the “health” food?!? We LIKE the commercial nectar with the chemicals and the preservatives and the Red Dye #2!!  Bring back the junk food!” 😉  I don’t know.  I’m just going to treasure the moment!

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