Stampin’ Up! Rome and…More Gelato?? Seriously?!?

Happy Saturday!  Hope you’re having a good weekend so far!  To be honest, as I write this on Friday afternoon in our break between sightseeing and dinner…I have no idea what our plan is for Saturday – guess we’ll know soon!

But on Friday – we had an awesome guided van tour that Amy’s husband, Lance, arranged for us!  Massimo met us in a nice (air conditioned!!) van at 8 at the hotel and we hit the road.

As we experienced “Rome” driving – which is….like nothing I’ve ever seen! – we wound our way around the city and listened to Massimo speak of a city that he obviously loves.  And he knows so much of its history – it was really interesting.  We learned a lot while having a great time.  Which is sort of…AWESOME!

So – we stopped first at the Colosseum where we met Jason (another highly experienced tour guide).  We spent a couple of hours walking around the Colosseum and learning some really cool things. Guys – the architecture is simply stunning.  The engineering firsts that they accomplished here so many many years ago – and the architectural elements – have stood the test of time and were used as “templates” for a plethora of other buildings far away (in space AND time) from its building.  Take a gander!


Not going to lie – this was a fascinating place to see – but…I am glad I wasn’t around in its heyday – I would not have liked it at all.

It was interesting to hear that after the fall of the Roman empire, the structure was essentially abandoned.  And, as times were hard for the poeple, they actually used it for their own purposes – building houses and fortified structures – using it as a foundation – thru the years!  You can see large holes in the walls where beams were placed to create walls or parts were removed and repurposed.

One such place remains…

We also swung by the Forum for a quick look.

Next we saw a short section of the original Appian Way…pretty darned rough looking, but we were assured it was smooth and driveable back “in the day”!…

…and then we hit the Catacombs of St Callixtus.  In addition to being a welcome respite from the heat – the catacombs are at a constant 58F! – our tour there was led by a young Priest – and it was…really pretty powerful.  Especially the story of St. Cecilia – who is the Patron Saint of Music.  She was a martyr and…well.  Look it up.  We weren’t allowed to take any pictures in the catacombs – but…here’s a picture I found online (from Dickstrack of English Wikipedia) of the statue that lays in her spot.  They commissioned that after finding her in that exact position in her crypt – check out her fingers (that was a code back in the days when Christians had to be a secret society to avoid Persecution).  Not sure why – but her story really sort of hit me!

Anywho…after lunch (BEST pizza I’ve ever tasted!) – we went to the St Paul’s Basilica outside the wall of the old city.  Wow!


We made one last stop for a scenic overlook of the city…

…and it was time for the end of the tour!  Bye-bye, Massimo!  We had a wonderful time!

We finished the morning activities with another round of gelato – yes.  It’s true.  This time was dark chocolate and strawberry.  OMG!

We learned something else from Massimo – take the food to go.  Otherwise – they add about $3 to the price to sit down!  So we did – go, not sit down – which means…no pictures! 🙁

And then we returned to our rooms to rest up until dinner.  Lance found us a great little spot on Trip Advisor – we had a great meal and another fun time together!

LOL!  Rome – as seen between feasting sessions!! 🙂

Oh well.  It’s vacation and I’m sure there are no calories.  Also – we’re doing a lot of walking – and stairs on this day! – and it’s hot.  So…I’m burning them.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  😉

See y’all tomorrow!






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12 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Rome and…More Gelato?? Seriously?!?

  1. Gerri K

    Fabulous pictures! Thanks for taking us along with you on this trip. Now I want to look up Saint Cecilia.

    • stampsnlingers

      Do! She was a very brave and devoted woman! Thanks, Gerri! 🙂

  2. Susan K

    Wow, what a fun packed day. Love all the history. The thing i remember about the Colosseum was thinking it was smaller than I imagined from pictures. I’m amazed it’s still standing! Love the pic of you–tired but happy–and that huge anthurium. Thanks for sharing.

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks, Susan – the inside is small-ish – but the outer structure seemed huge to me! Glad you’re enjoying the pics!

  3. Kay V.

    Your pictures and commentary are much appreciated. A great history lesson too. Thanks so much sor sharing your vacation.

    • stampsnlingers

      I very much enjoyed the tours – the commentary was really interesting and so well done by both our guides!! Thanks, Kay! 🙂

  4. Looks like great fun, and educational as well. What struck me the most, after the beauty of the architecture, was the CROWDS! I really don’t like crowds. And I looked up Cecelia before even finishing your post. There wasn’t a whole lot there. You must have heard more of a story than I found. Looks like you are having a great time. Somehow, I suspect a gelato maker is in your future!

    • stampsnlingers

      It IS very crowded – way more tourist-y than I expected (not sure why I was so surprised!). But there’s so much to see and so much beauty – it’s a good trade! St. Cecilia remained true and devoted to God in the throes of a pretty horrible death. I found this online – which is also what we were told on the tour. “Born of a wealthy Roman family, Cecilia’s marriage, as was the custom of the time, was arranged. Her husband was to be a young Roman of equal nobility. The arrangement was made by the families despite her pronounced vow of virginity. She convinced her groom to respect that vow throughout their marriage. Soon after their wedding, Cecilia, with the aide of her guardian angel, converted her husband to Christianity. Cecilia’s husband and his brother were persecuted and were forced to renounce their faith; when they refused, they were promptly put to death and hurriedly buried. Cecilia removed their bodies from their shallow graves and buried them with a proper Christian ceremony. Upon discovering this, the state arrested Cecilia where she was given the same choice as her late husband and her brother-in-law – she also chose to remain faithful to her God. Because of her family wealth, her age and obvious beauty, her accusers decided to carry out the execution quietly, out of the public eye. She was locked in a vapor bath to die, but when they executioners returned a day later, she was unbelievably still in perfect health. A beheading executioner was then sent, but when he failed to remove her head within the prescribed law’s limit of three blows, he left, deed incomplete. Cecilia remained on the floor with a mortal blow to her neck, still alive and fully conscious. When she was found, her head faced the floor as she lay on her right side, exposing the injury to her neck. One hand was found with three fingers extended, the other hand with one finger extended – a final and everlasting testimony of her faith in the Holy Trinity. St. Cecilia is the earliest recorded incorruptible; her remains were exhumed 1500 years after her death and her body was found in precisely the same position as when originally buried.” The stature that is in her crypt is the exact position she was found in – with her fingers proclaiming her faith in what was essentially a “code” of the era for Christians.

  5. Maryanne Willequer

    I am enjoying all your photos and also the great travellog, too! Keep enjoying yourself, Mary. You work hard, & have earned this great vacation!

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you so much, Maryanne! Glad that you’re enjoying it! 🙂

  6. Bernice P

    Thanks Mary. Your pictures have brought back many memories from
    I was in Rome many years ago. Have a wonderful trip.

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you, Bernice – there is much to love here! 🙂

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