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Stamps-N-Lingers Fundraiser for People & Pets Affected by Devastating Tornadoes

Good morning again!  This is my second post today – if you’re looking for the card I shared this morning and the Amy’s Inkin’ Krew Blog Hop – here’s a link right to it!

I know we’ve all been watching – or living – the devastation that swept thru the mid-west on 10-11 Dec 2021 with the long-track tornadoes.  It’s hard to watch without wondering what we can do to help.

I know I can’t go help in person.  Can’t load a truck and make in-person donations.  But I CAN help to fund the folks on the ground who are doing just that!  To that end, I recently made a donation to relief efforts for families and pets thru the Greater Good Organization.  As I hit Submit on my small attempt to help, I realized that if a BUNCH of people make a SMALL donation – then it becomes a LARGE one!

So…like the fundraiser we did for the derecho in Iowa last year, I’m coming to you again to gather up some help for the folks in the Arkansas, Kentucky and Illinois areas most affected.


How can you help me help them??

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Stamps-N-Lingers Fundraiser for a GREAT Cause and a DOUBLE Peppermints Ordering Special!

Good morning again, y’all!  This is my second post today – if you’re looking for the card I shared today – here’s the link!

I recently came across an organization that does good for two populations that I care about very much – and I know you do, too.  K9’s for Warriors is the nation’s largest provider of Service Dogs to military veterans suffering from post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma.  Which is awesome.  But – here’s the kicker and the piece that made me sit up and take notice!!

K9s For Warriors Logo

The majority of their K9s are rescued from shelters or surrendered by their owners. In saving these animals from abandonment or euthanasia, this great organization gives them purpose. Each pair who graduates from the program represent two lives saved – the Service Dog and the Warrior.

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