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Stamps-N-Lingers Fundraiser for People & Pets Affected by Devastating Tornadoes

Good morning again!  This is my second post today – if you’re looking for the card I shared this morning and the Amy’s Inkin’ Krew Blog Hop – here’s a link right to it!

I know we’ve all been watching – or living – the devastation that swept thru the mid-west on 10-11 Dec 2021 with the long-track tornadoes.  It’s hard to watch without wondering what we can do to help.

I know I can’t go help in person.  Can’t load a truck and make in-person donations.  But I CAN help to fund the folks on the ground who are doing just that!  To that end, I recently made a donation to relief efforts for families and pets thru the Greater Good Organization.  As I hit Submit on my small attempt to help, I realized that if a BUNCH of people make a SMALL donation – then it becomes a LARGE one!

So…like the fundraiser we did for the derecho in Iowa last year, I’m coming to you again to gather up some help for the folks in the Arkansas, Kentucky and Illinois areas most affected.


How can you help me help them??

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Stampin’ Up! Introducing Online Tutorials: a New Punkin’ Head Rewards Benefit!


Happy New Year!!  Welcome to 2017, y’all!  I hope you had a fun evening – mine was pretty typical.  Meaning that it ended at 9pm! LOL!

We sort of accidentally woke up just before midnight – we’d fallen asleep to Ryan Seacrest trying to channel Dick Clark – and stayed awake long enough to hear some fireworks going off and give each other a Happy New Year kiss.  Then it was right back to sleep!

Finny also slept thru the arrival of the new year.  Being just a kid, he needs his sleep.  And foolishness like staying up till midnight…well.  No one has time for that kind of nonsense!  Fortunately, the pretty dreary and wet weather discouraged our usual nearby idiots who like to celebrate by shooting guns up in the air!  Fools – where the heck do they think those bullets go when they shoot them up in the air?!?  Gravity?  Hello?  I figured we’d get some of that, so I left my girls up in the barn with Bo.  Better safe than sorry!

So – since it’s day one on 2017, I’m bringing you a new benefit in my Punkin’ Head Rewards program!  Exclusive, Punkin’-Heads-Only Online Tutorials!  Here’s a sneak peek….

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