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Stampin’ Up! A Little Peek at My Stamping Area….

Well, it’s Hump Day again – and this one has some big meaning!  Its arrival means that TWO sale specials are half-way over!  That means y’all need to get on the stick.  The way we live in a time warp, you’re going to wake up real soon and it’s going to be Saturday – and you’ll have missed your chance to get 15% off stamp sets from Stampin’ Up! AND extra free goodies from ME and then you’ll be doing the Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda’s!  Don’t be the one that wakes up Saturday and realizes that the ship has sailed!

Today was fun for me.  I worked (not fun so much) and during lunch and breaks….I set up my “new” craft area! 🙂  By which I mean…I set up my TWO new Stamp-N-Storage pieces!  Whoo-hoo!  They had a great 15% off sale last week (and they always have free shipping in the US) and I pulled the trigger on a Combo ink pad/marker/refill shelf and a Lock-Down Punch shelf!  When it arrived, Wayne pulled it out of the box for me – and he was very pleasantly surprised to see that both pieces were fully assembled.  And constructed of solid, clear plywood!  No presswood (aka “tis wood”).  He mentioned how nicely it was put together and how solid it is.  For him to be impressed is….well, impressive!

I ended up re-arranging my tables – I “live” in the living room (I don’t do well stuck off in a room by myself – I like to be out where Wayne is hanging) – and I like how it ended up.  There may be a few adjustments….but this is a good start!

Here’s the Combo piece – yes, I know – you’ve all been just sitting on the edge of your seats to see my crafting area! (be warned – I am not a tidy crafter!)

Craft area 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

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