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Stampin’ Up! Black Magic Artistically Asian Butterflies

Well, good Tuesday morning from California!  My trip yesterday was uneventful and I even managed to change seats so I was on the aisle.  And I watched Dr. Strange and Keeping Up With The Joneses.  So, all in all, it was fine.

My card for today uses a technique called Black Magic – and this one uses Whisper White Craft Ink and the new Watercolor Pencils.  I learned the technique from a video that Sandi MacIver did!  You can go see her great video here.  I may do a video on this one day, but I’ll need a lot more practice to be as good at it as Sandi is!

I decided to use the Artistically Asian stamp set and a butterfly from the Papillon Potpourri stamp set!   Take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Totally Trees Papillon Thanks!

Happy one-day-left-to-order-Thoughtful-Branches and one-day-more-to-wait-till-the-Holiday-Catalog-goes-live Day!  Ha – you thought I was gonna say Happy Hawmp day, didn’t ya?  Well – happy that, too! 🙂

Before we get to the card, I have a teeny little deer story for you.  This evening when I stepped out the back door to go feed, as soon as I walked past the end of the house, I heard this great galumphing and pounding of feet at the other end of the house!  It scared the you-know-what out of me!  Once I returned to solid ground, looking around quickly to be sure no one saw me be such a ninny-wussy-sissy-la-la….I saw the cause of the commotion.  The two tiny, baby deer twins – who are no longer so tiny or baby (they’re pretty much still twins.  And….deer) – had been browsing the shrubs right against the house (no – it matters not to me, they’re ugly things that will one day find themselves on the burn pile!) – and I scared the you-know-what out of them when I came around the corner. 🙂

They boinged off a little ways – showing me how big their white tails are – and then turned to look at me.  One just stood there – I choose to think she’s a she – and therefore smart enough to have assessed the situation and immediately determined I was no threat.  The other, in a show of mighty manliness, stomped his little teenage deer foot a few times.  When I didn’t immediately bow to his ferocity, he stomped it a few more times!

Well, that did it.  I quickly jumped in the golf cart and backed cautiously away.  I know when I’m licked!  He definitely showed me what for!! 😉

In truth, it was pretty danged cool to be that close to them – once I could breathe again, that is!

Anywho – on to the card.  Today I used a new stamp set – Totally Trees (get it tomorrow!!) and an oldie-but-a-goodie, Papillon Potpourri.  I added a little Warmth & Cheer DSP, and a few other little goodies to come up with a thank you card.  Take a look-see:

Totally Trees Butterfly Thanks 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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Stampin’ Up! Live, Love, Grow!

So….guess what day it is?!? 😉


You know it!


And – it’s almost the end of June.

Which means two things:

  1. The Stampin’ Up! June promotions (Extra Stampin’ Rewards AND Two Free stamp sets for new recruits) are ending…in a blink! and…
  2. It’s practically Christmas!

Yes, you heard that right.  You’re going to go to bed tonight and then it’s going to be…like…Christmas!

Okay.  Maybe not quite that quick, but….not too far off.  Next thing you know I’ll be sending out the 2016 Holiday Catalog! 🙂  Watch for more on that.

On to today’s card.  This one uses the pretty stamp set called Live, Love, Grow.  I love the images in this set!  And then I added a few butterflies from Papillon Potpourri! Take a look-see:

Live, Love, Grow Butterflies 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers
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Stampin’ Up! Of Butterflies Thinlits and Thoughtful Banners

Good Monday to y’all!  Hope you’re ready for another week.  Of course, I don’t suppose it matters if we’re ready or not – cuz it’s upon us! 🙂

About a hundred years ago – okay, maybe early 2014 – before I found the joys of Stampin’ Up! products, I was self-educating in the world of card making and stamping.  The earliest product line I discovered was Tim Holtz – and his fabulous vintage/steampunk/grunge look.  Definitely my cup o’ tea!  I indulged in a voracious appetite for his goodies – I stalked the aisles of every hobby supply store in the area.  I bought heaps and gobs and buckets of Tim’s grungy goodness.

And then I found Stampin’ Up! and that was it for me and Tim (I’m sure he’s somewhere wondering where I am and why I left him!).  I put my Tim things away.  And yes, I missed many of them.  Still do.  One little item that I really liked was his word stickers.  Whole sheets of stickers with single words typed on them.  The idea being that you’d stick them on your project to make phrases.  Cool ones – like Dream Big.  Imagine Wishes.  Wish Big Dreams.  Sparkle.  Journey.  I was never very good at combining them.  I stuck to single words.  Wish.  Dream.  Imagine.  Oh – well, that would have been a good combo – where was it when I was trying to make cards?! 😉

When I saw the new Stampin’ Up! stamp set called Thoughtful Banners – I was reminded of my Tim Holtz stickers.  And I saw some card examples where folks had stamped individual words and then cut them out and stuck them on.  Like Ideology stickers (that’s Tim Holtz’s line).  And I wanted to try that.

So – today, I did!

I used the stamp sentiments from Thoughtful Banners (new) and added some Papillon Potpourri and a couple of Butterflies Thinlits and Bold Butterfly Framelits to create….this.  Take a look-see:

Thoughtful Banner Butterfies 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers

I know.  It’s busy.  And kind of hard to see the three butterflies in the picture.  Also – no matter what you see in my oh-so-wonderful pictures, just take my word that there’s no black on the entire card!  It’s all Gold – White – Night of Navy.  I know this because I was playing along with the Can You Case It Color challenge #119: 
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