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Stampin’ Up! The Last 2023 Incentive Trip Update – Stavanger, Norway!

Well, shoot-fire, y’all! By the time this posts in US-time, we’ll be on a flight winging our way back home!  My goodness – what a trip this was – Norway was simply gorgeous! And spending the time with Amy and Lance was wonderful as always!

But…no lie – I’m ready to see my Finn and Cady!!  And some less “fun” food won’t go amiss, either! 🙂

Stavanger – our last stop – was the largest of the ports.  It was a fishing town to start and then became an oil town when petroleum was discovered and – almost literally! – saved Norway!

Near the pier are clusters of old houses that are really pretty and quaint – they’ve been kept up to honor the tradition of the wooden homes! They were the original homes of the fishermen and their families who lived here.

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Stampin’ Up! Incentive trip 2023 – Olden, Norway!

Good morning and Happy Saturday!  I can’t believe this is our last full day on the cruise.  😔  As always happens – time has flown by! Just about 36 more hours and we’ll be home!

On Thursday, we were in Olden, Norway – and it was a lovely, lovely place!  Very green – with snow-capped mountains encircling the charming town!

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Stampin’ Up! Cruising and Exploring the Fjords!

HappyHappy Hawwmp Day!  It’s Day 4 of our cruise and we’ve been a bit busy!

Okay – a lot of the “busy” has revolved around FOOD but – we have taken a break or two to DO and SEE some THINGS!

Our first full day was a Sea Day – and it started out with a Stampin’ Up! general session – we got a few sneak peeks from the next Mini catalog (I can’t share yet but…you’re going to really like it a lot!) AND – we learned where we’ll go for the 2025 Incentive Trip.  THAT was exciting for sure!

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Stampin’ Up! And…We’re OFF

Well – when you read this on Wednesday – Happy HAWMMP Day, by the way! – I’ll be in a new time zone.  Ireland is 5 hours ahead of us in Atlanta so…my postings may get a little wonky on the times.  Be patient with me!

And that’s no Blarney!



Yesterday was…LONG!  Actually, it’s still going on.  You can’t go to sleep when you land at 9 in the morning local time.  It’s just not the way to get used to where you are.  Gotta just brute your way thru!

We got the Man off to Camp with no incidents – he ate his breakfast at the unDOGly hour of 6am – he has quite the way with words and made his feelings on the matter quite clear.

Then we loaded up and…

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