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Stampin’ Up! Last Day to Enter for Blog Candy and Happy Gotcha Day, Finn!

Good morning, y’all – happy Saturday! Now – usually, I’d give you a sneak peek of the card I am planning to make with you this evening.

Which would mean I’d need to HAVE a card to sneak peek.  But – here’s the thing.  I did something to my back yesterday morning.  No idea what.  Might just have been my parts realizing they’re 60?  I dunno.  I took a Flexeril and some Ibuprofen and then got in the only spot that didn’t hurt.  Bed.

I discovered that Flexeril has the ‘benefit” of making me sleep all day, is totally crafty-mojo-sucking….and does little-to-nothing for my back.

The whole thing ended up with me NOT making a card yesterday.  🙁

That said – I am ASSUMING that things will go as they have in the past and I’ll find the pain has subsided as quickly as it came on when I get moving today.  Which means that I WILL get a card made and I WILL be live on my Stamps-N-Lingers FB page this evening at 7pm Eastern.

In the meantime..wanted to remind you that this is Happy 5th Gotcha Day for the Finn-man!!

Calgary Humane Society on Twitter: "Happy Gotcha Day 🐾 Gotcha Day celebrates the day a new family member was added by adoption. We are SO grateful for our amazing adopters and welcoming


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Stamps-N-Lingers “It’s Our Birthday” Ordering Special!

Good morning, everyone!  I’ll be back in a little bit with my card for today’s Happy Inkin’ Thursday Blog Hop!  But…this is a notable and special day here in the Deatherage household….

Five years ago today – we lost our sweet Buck to the Rainbow Bridge.  We were very sad – some of you who’ve been around for a minute remember…

One year later – to the day….coincidence?!?…there was a little fur-kid born to BJ and Bonnie Blue Eyes in Tennessee! Four months after that – we heard about him and went for a drive. When we made the trek home…our adventure had begun!!  And we’ve never looked back!

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