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Stampin’ Up! An Ugly Christmas Stockings Sweater!

Mornin’, folks!  Well – I’m in Utah.  And it snowed.  And I drove from the airport across a mountain pass that was way snowier than I’d planned.  Especially since I’d called the front desk of my hotel and the receptionist (who lives here!!) recommended the mountain route versus the flatland route.  Some nonsense about the county taking better care of the mountain route.

Right.  I think not.  My little rental Nissan Rogue held its own, though and I called on snow driving skills I haven’t exercised for years (and drove waaaaay slow!) – and we made it thru just fine.

Pretty sure I’ll go back the other way on the weekend! 🙂

Mr. Finn didn’t have a very good day.  His mom wasn’t there when he got home and they told him/us he can’t do anything but leash walks for 5 days!  That’s gonna be tough on a little Aussie kid.  AND – they put a collar thingy on him so he can’t lick the offending part of him. 🙁  Hopefully the pain med will work and he’ll be able to sleep.  I know his little wiggle-butt is whooped!

Now.  About today’s card.  Before you look at it, know that it was deliberate!  Our upline, Amy Koender, issued a challenge to us to make an Ugly Christmas sweater card.  We took it to heart.  I used the plaids from Warmth and Cheer and some deliberately non-coordinating colors with some Christmas Stocking thinlits to make….this.  I don’t know if I’ll win the contest, but take a look-see:

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Stampin’ Up! Merry Mice Hang Their Christmas Stockings

Good Day-After-Thanksgiving or….Black Friday.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m writing this on Thursday evening from the depths of a food coma.  I am not sure what happened this year.  I mean, yea – we’ve always got enough food to feed a small Army, for sure.  And we’re all stuffed when “it’s over”.  But this year.

This year we’re in some serious food pain.  Stuffed beyond stuffed.  Embarrassingly so!

Our problem, if there is one, is that there’s three of us cooking.  And when we set our menu, we all three have the things we always bring.  Which, if it’s the same every time, makes it a little hard to understand why this year…..we’re so full??  But we are.

Finn isn’t.  For Finn, Thanksgiving meant playing with 5 other dogs for a few hours.  He staggered into the house, ate half his dinner, and crashed.

Flat out.  He’s a tired puppy.

Which is a good puppy!

Now, as for today’s card.  Since this is the day after Thanksgiving, in my house that usually means it’s time to decorate for Christmas!  So the card I made, with the Merry Mice and Hang Your Stockings stamp sets and some Christmas Stockings Thinlits (30% off for Online Extravaganza!) die cuts, celebrates that plan.  Take a look-see:

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