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Stampin’ Up! Presents & Pinecones Gift Box

Happy Saturday, y’all – I’m hoping you’re in the middle of a four-day weekend like I am!  And that you’re recovering from the excess of Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s always a little amazing when I’m actually hungry the next morning!

So….does anyone out there speak “cat”?  I mean…like…fluently?  I need someone to tell my little goofy cats that they need to turn around and bow up and fluff their tails and stare…the….puppy…down.  Instead of running from him.  He doesn’t chase things that don’t run.  And – if they’d act all menacing, he’ll slink away with his little wiggle-wagger tucked under as far as he can get it to tuck!

I’ve watched him do it with my friend’s beast of a cat.

But no.

They run.

On second thought…that may be their plan.  They get a little gallop and romp and the puppy gets scolded and put in the kennel or on his leash.  A twofer!  I have noticed that Katy in particular is back in the living room strolling around right by his kennel pretty quickly after “an event”!

Hmmmm. 😉

My share today isn’t a card.  It’s a card holder!  I used some Presents & Pinecones DSP and some Pretty Pines and a little bit of Jar of Cheer to make a box for my mom.  Take a look-see:

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