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Stampin’ Up! Happy Birthday with Color Me Irresistible and Timeless Elegance

Here’s a fact.  We love watching wrestling.  All sorts of wrestling.  Sumo.  Greco-Roman.  College.  Professional.  We especially love the pro wrestlers – with their graceful moves, skilled athleticism and flair for the dramatic.  We know that some folks think it’s fake, but we know the truth.  It’s completely real.  These guys are out for blood.  And we love.  Every.  Minute! 🙂



This is horse hockey.  Completely. Total baloney.  Which is why we were pretty surprised to receive an e-mail today from Comcast thanking us for purchasing WWE-something or other on Pay Per View.  I don’t even know what WWE stands for – I mean, I know that one or the other of the “W’s” must be for “Wrestling”, but that’s about it.  So, how (why?!?) would I have ordered it?  And – it appears that I ordered it ordered it 7 times.  In a row.  Every 2 minutes.  For a cool $12.95 per viewing.  Comcast was stumped.  Still is, apparently.  It’s a mystery (above and beyond the mystery of why anyone watches WWE in the first place – no flames, folks, if you watch WWE, it’s all good.  But – could you tell me what the other two letters stand for? 😉 ) and is likely to remain so.  But you can bet we’ll be keeping a CLOSE eye on the bill!!

All this excitement was taking place whilst I was building the card to share with you today.  I was working on my card and Wayne was on the phone for almost an hour.  He’s really good at dealing with the folks in customer service – he just doesn’t quit asking questions until he’s got every answer he wanted.  Me?  I usually take the first answer that sounds plausible and drive on!

My inspiration for the card came from the Freshly Made Sketches #197:

Pink and Black Celebrate FMS 195 Sketch

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