Stampin’ Up! Our Kauai Adventure Continues

Well – here it is.  The day we’ve been waiting for – but…not with excitement!  Sadly – this is the day we leave paradise to head home!  And – it’s a loooooong trip!  We’re going to be “enjoying” the “comforts” of flying for over 24 hours!  Yikes!  I’m sure I’ll have some pics to share of the journey and the home-coming with the fur-man (I AM anxious to see him tomorrow, for certain sure!).  Probably look for those on Monday!

But – in the meantime, we had some more adventures or two in Kauai this week!  On Tuesday, we drove into Hanalei again to pick up some snorkeling gear for us and a surfboard – yup! – for Wayne!  There’s a bay just below our condo where we see surfers and snorkelers during the day and early evening so…we wanted to see what it was all about!

We clamored down a VERY steep hill – no pics of this, we were BUSY keeping the rubber side down!

Then we watched while Wayne tried his hand at surfing.  To his credit – he DID get out past the surf (score) and he DID get back on the board when he was rolled off (I’d have called it a day right then!) and he DID get up on his hands and feet for a few feet.  But – surfing is hard work and takes some time so…he came in finally.  Then Amy and Lance and I did a little snorkeling…

…and saw some pretty coral and fish!!  This was Amy’s and my first time snorkeling from the shore and in pretty shallow water (we were REALLY close to the coral!) – so we didn’t get too brave.  But we swam for a while and had an amazing time!  Lance did a LOT of swimming about and got us some pictures!

We called it a day and scaled the trail back to the top – then had burgers and corn on the grill for dinner, courtesy of Chef Wayne!

There was a huge “Super Flower Blood Moon” with a full eclipse and Hawaii was touted to be some of the best viewing.  So…I went out in the night onto the patio and got a pic of the moon –  pre-eclipse…

And – for once! – having to get up in the night to go to the bathroom paid off – and I was able to get a picture of the eclipse!

Ha – I didn’t say it was a GOOD picture of the eclipse, now did I?? 😉

It was beautiful to watch the moon sink behind the mountain while I drank my coffee in the morning!  Boy, am I going to miss this!

Once we got up for real on Wednesday, we decided it would be a good day to take our tour around to the south side of the island to see the Waimea Canyon Park.

On the way, we saw the island of Ni’ Ihau off in the distance.  For some reason it’s really exciting to me to see islands close by – no idea why! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Waimea Canyon was formed – and continues to be molded by – wind and water and is about 13 miles long and up to 2500 feet deep in spots!

It’s like the Grand Canyon  – but…you know.  Tropical!

We asked a kind stranger-in-a-mask to take our picture in front of the canyon at the first overlook.

It’s a gorgeous spot – and we saw numerous helicopters buzzing in and out of the canyon (we tried – but…they were all booked up! 🙁 )

We moved on to the next spot – where the info sign explained the formation of the island and let us know they’re figuring Kauai will likely slip into the ocean.

In…20-25 million years!  So…no need to move away quite yet.

I took an ever-so-artsy photo of the Ohi’a in front of the look-out…

And I got a couple good shots of the Waipo’o Falls, too!

At our final overlook area – someone had the bright idea to take the trail out to another scenic area – where we could see the canyon from yet another perspective.

I may or may not have been the person with the bright idea! 😎

It was…a bit of a hike.  Not a stroll.  Not a walk.  It was a straight up hike.  Like…UP.  And DOWN.  And…OVER.  But – we made it and were rewarded with a heckuva view!

We’d seen on the last sign some info about the goats of the canyon…

…so I was keeping an eagle eye and…I found one!  Who later turned out to be…TWO.  See him?  The light spot in the middle of the shot?  Can you find the SECOND goat??

Pretty sure THEY haven’t been there since 1792!!

We headed home after a really REALLY good lunch at a fun little spot called the Koke’e Lodge right by the park.

One last picture of the canyon on the way home!

Hope you enjoyed the latest look into our 2021 Incentive Trip!  And – I’ll be dropping more pics onto my Stamps-N-Lingers FB page so be sure to check that out, too!





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Finn Fan Fix 

Finn had fun with two new friends – Elvis Presley…

…and Truman!

We’ll be seeing him soon!  I know he’s going to be glad to get home.  Bet he sleeps for a week! 😉



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16 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Our Kauai Adventure Continues

  1. Gerri K

    Mary, thanks for sharing your trip with us. Beautiful photos! Have a safe trip home.

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks very much, Gerri – glad you’ve enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. Karen Andrews

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. My dream is to one day get to Hawaii.
    I bet your fur-man is mussing you guys. He’s putting up a brave front with his new friends, but he’s saving all his licks for you.

    • stampsnlingers

      LOL – maybe! He’s doing a pretty good job of “faking” having a blast!! THanks Karen – hope you make it to HI one day – it’s stunning! 🙂

  3. Glad you are having a wonderful time and making great memories. Nice photo of the 4 of you! Safe journey home.

  4. Judy Balmer

    Glad you had a great trip. I’ll be as happy as Finn to see your videos again.

  5. What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  6. It’s been an awesome trip!! Looking forward to the trip next May already!! 🙂

  7. Susan K

    Beautiful pics and a fun commentary! I’m sad your vacation is ending too! Finn will miss all his new friends but guess he’d rather be home. I bet you get lots of butt wiggles!

    • stampsnlingers

      He’d probably like us to take him to Day camp three or four times a week! Best of both worlds! Thanks, Susan! 🙂

  8. Kathy

    Can’t believe you saw goats!!! I’ve been there 3 times and I’ve never seen a goat in the canyon yet. Love the pictures – glad you had such a good time and Finn seemed to enjoy his vaca as well!

    • stampsnlingers

      I know! It was totally lucky, right?!? Thanks so much, Kathy! 🙂

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