Thirty One!

I’ve recently “found” the wonderful products at Thirty One!  And I’m sort of hooked!

Okay – not even “sort of”.  I’m totally hooked!

So hooked, in fact, that I signed up a couple of month ago, so now I’m a Thirty One Consultant!  I go by the clever moniker of…Totes-N-Lingers! Whoo-hoo!!


Check out the specials in June!  Click the photo to see the specials!

Have you seen the catalogs for the Spring and Summer?  Well –  here they are – in “Virtual” form!  When you click either picture, it will open a virtual catalog that you can scroll thru at your leisure, with links right to my Online Store!  Or give me a shout and I’ll send you a hard copy if that’s how you roll!! 🙂

This is the Spring/Summer Catalog – the products you’ll find inside are available from 1 Mar – 31 Aug 19!

And here’s the Spring 2019 Collection – filled with Limited time goodies – ONLY available 1 Mar – 31 May!

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