Stampin’ Up! New Sale-A-Bration Goodies and Last Chances to Score Big!

Okay, y’all!  It’s Hawwpm Day.  Ten days from now you’re going to wake up on April Fool’s Day and think….Sale-a-Bration is over?  No, it can’t be.  Must be an April Fool’s joke.

But it won’t be.  Sale-a-Bration ends on 31 Mar which is a mere 9 days from now.  So, today’s post is sans card, cuz I want to be sure y’all get the best chance possible to wring every deal, savings and bonus that you can in these last few days.

Hang on…

First off – Stampin’ Up! has added SEVEN new items that you can select as your free Sale-A-Bration goody when you spend $50 in product (before shipping and tax).  And these are cool, folks – goodies from the Occasions and Annual catalogs!  Take a look-see:

Now – please note, to receive one of the Sale-A-Bration final day’s products for free, you MUST use the item code noted in the above table – and not the regular item code!!  (picture me stomping my foot for emphasis!)

Just a reminder what all these goodies are…

These are in addition to the other Sale-A-Bration goodies we’ve been looking at for the past couple of months.  Well…except for the Card Tin and the Glimmer Paper Pack – sorry, but those are sold out! 🙁

Next Up – my Ordering Special is still going on and will be for the remainder of Sale-A-Bration:

For all orders OVER $50…


                I’m offering DOUBLE Peppermint Rewards Points for all orders (over $50 before shipping and tax) placed thru me by 31 Mar.                 Peppermint Rewards Points are part of my Punkin’ Head Customer Rewards Program – and collecting them leads you to FREE    gifts! For more information on the benefits of collecting Peppermints, check out my Punkin’ Head Customer Rewards program right here!

               I’m offering free shipping on all orders over $50 (before shipping and tax) placed through me between now and 31 Mar.  

               Here are the two ways you can order and receive your free shipping rebate: 

               1.  Place your order directly through my online store, and:

                     – Give me with your mailing address and I’ll send you a rebate check for your shipping costs
                     – Provide me with your PayPal account e-mail and I’ll send you your rebate via PayPal

               2.  Send me your order via email, I’ll deduct the shipping costs and send you an invoice through PayPal.

3.  FREE MULTI-PURPOSE LIQUID GLUE with every order over $50 (before shipping and tax)



Finally – there’s only 9 more days to “steal” $200 worth of product for the low low price of $99.  Yep – I’m talking about the Starter Kit!  

Get your normal $125 worth of product.  Then – pick TWO extra stamp set – any two stamp sets – for free!  And as usual – it’ll ship right to you for FREE!

I’ll even help you with the sign-up process over the phone!  In fact, I’ll be with you every step of the way!  So whether you just want that 20-25% discount on every single purchase, or would like to build a business doing something you love with the best products on the market…let me help you do that!  If you’ve got questions – drop me a line. 🙂

So there you have it, folks – you’ve still got time to take advantage of all these great deals!  Between my ordering special and the Sale-A-Bration benefits for hosting, joining and shopping…well.  Y’all can still make out like bandits!

Tomorrow is the Happy Inkin’ Thursday Blog Hop – I’ll be back in your inbox at 7am Eastern! 🙂




Use this host code when you order and receive a free gift from me! But, if your order is over $150, please don’t use this code (you’ll miss out on your own Stampin’ Rewards if you use it) but you’ll still get the free gift. The free gift is your choice of any item valued up to $10.00 in the 2016-17 Annual Catalog or the 2016 Holiday Catalog! And – you can even select one of the Host-exclusive sets! See my Rewards page for more details.


Finn had a little chat with the horses this morning.

They’re not too happy with him.

Used to be that they were the cute ones!  But did they even get space in the blog?


So, he told them the solution is obvious.

They just need to do something cute.  Photogenic.  Blog-worthy.

And if they did that, he’d graciously allow them one guest appearance in the mom-blog.

They took him at his word.

On Tuesday when it was so hot – they all went for a swim.

That’s Cerah on the left – she’s splashing water as hard as she can.  Laying down is her daughter Cady.  She keeps trying to roll in the water.  She’s 14 and still hasn’t figured out that that’s going to get water in her ears!  Bo is getting out.   He’s done.

And Cerah’s splashing me, Mooooooom! 😉

Finn requests that you all be as impressed with the horses’ cuteness as you are with his.

And then get over it and lavish all your adoration on him.  They can have another turn next year! 

Maybe.  😉



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14 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! New Sale-A-Bration Goodies and Last Chances to Score Big!

  1. Your horses are wonderful. Cad is so cute laying in the water. Have you told us before what breed they are? Thank you, Finn, for making room for the rest of the family on your Mom’s blog 🙂

    • Cerah and Cady are Haflingers – a light draft pony breed from Austria. Lovely ponies – pretty on the outside and the inside. Bo is a pinto American Saddlebred/Arabian cross. Thanks, Karen and I’ll pass your thanks on to Finn. When he wakes up from his afternoon nap! 🙂

  2. RitaR

    I see that Finn has taken over the management of the mom-blog …. good thing he’s such a cute dictator! LOL I was happy to see a photo of your pretty horses and (don’t mention this to Finn) would love to hear about them in the future. Do you show them … are they carriage horses??

    • He rules with a furry paw! Yes – they’ve all driven. Bo and Cerah were shown in Combined Driving (which was the coolest thing EVEE!) – then Cerah and I had a pretty significant accident and 2004. I never really got my nerve back, so they’re all pasture pets now. Which none of them mind a bit. Thanks, Rita!

  3. juliejphoto

    How gracious of Finn to let the horses have a turn on the blog! 😉
    I, for one, am glad to finally see these horses and know they actually exist!

  4. Karen L.

    Too Cute!! At least Finn is learning to “share”……..a little bit!! Animals!! Pets!! Love ’em to death!

  5. Elisha

    Great photo of your playful ponies! And how generous of Finn to share the spotlight😉

  6. You made me smile- again! The horses look very “impressive” getting cooled off!😀

  7. Kathleen VanDeVeere

    Critters gotta share the wealth. The lessons go on!

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