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Stampin’ Up! Layered Letters and Another Sneak Peek!

So, as I write this Sunday morning post on Saturday afternoon – I’m ridiculously tickled with the return of the Hummingbirds!  I’ve had my feeders out for a few weeks now and we’ve had one little dude coming by for the last couple.  Today – we’ve got TWO of them.  One – I’m pretty sure – is the same that’s been visiting.  I can tell cuz he’s green.  And his wings flap really really fast.  And he’s tiny.  So I know it’s him! 😉  But now he’s got a little friend – this one has the red band under his chin.  I just love watching them on the feeders.  

Does make it hard to wash dishes though, at least without getting water everywhere cuz I’m so busy trying to peer out the window and wash at the same time.  That’s multi-tasking.  Sometimes it works better than others! 🙂

Anywhoooo – on to the cards for today.  Yes – cards!  I have one that I made to share and two that I brought home from OnStage.  They were the Make-and-Takes, so they’ll be a good little peek at some more new Annual Catalog things.

But first, the card I dreamed up all by myself! 🙂  My friend needed another card – this time for a young (?) lady who was trying to learn to ride a motorcycle.  With her boyfriend.  They were apparently on separate bikes, riding slowly thru their neighborhood while she was getting the hang of riding.  He got a little ahead of her, she throttled up – a little more enthusiastically than she’s planned.  The bike jumped a little and she subsequently throttled up even more….and went into the curb.  The bike stopped.  She didn’t.  Here’s the kicker.

She wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Seriously?!?  Learning to ride – and no helmet.  No helmet is a bad plan for any rider, but a new rider??  She’s danged lucky to just be alive, let alone without serious injury.

So – I was asked for a card.  Now, if this was about 5 weeks from now….I might have a motorcycle stamp (that’s a hint….).  But not now.  And I couldn’t make the bike in Pedal Pusher even sort of look like a motorcycle.

I decided to go with more of a….road rash….theme.  I used some Layered Letters, a little Timeless Textures and a nice little sentiment from And Many More (sadly retiring!).  Take a look-see:

Layered Letters Happy Healing 2 - Stamps-N-Lingers

It’s a little hard to tell – black is really tough to photograph! – but the card base is black, and the card front is Blackberry Bliss.  I really went for it with the bruised and battered theme!
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