Stampin’ Up! Galway, Killarney and Finn!

Well – it’s Friday and…Ireland is beautiful!  We’ve had a night in Galway and a night in Killarney.  Tonight is our second night at the Killarney Lodge – it is simply wonderful!

Galway was very cool – we stayed in a nice hotel by the harbor.  It was called the..wait for it…HARBOR HOTEL! 😎 Did a little walking around on Wednesday – a little shopping – a little eating.  Had lunch at a pub in an 800 year old building – called The King’s Head.

Wayne was King for a Minute!

This is a Marriage Stone on that mantel! The description says this stone carries the coats-of-arms of three of the original 14 “Tribes of Galway” – the Baldwin, Martin and FFrench’s – for a marriage in 1612!

That evening, we went to a pizza spot.

Yep.  We had pizza.  In Ireland.   And it was yum! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Pizza is universal, y’all!

On Thursday, we headed to Killarney, where we’ll stay for two nights.

For me – Ireland means…lots of green pastures with beautiful stone wall separating them.  I got that and it was just as cool as I’d figured it’d be!

And then – as we headed into County Kerry – the mountains appeared!  Simply beautiful!

We arrived in good time to the The Killarney Lodge – which is wonderful – everything you’d think of when you think…”B&B in Ireland”!

Our planned excursion for Thursday was to drive the Ring of Kerry – which we did.  It was gorgeous – the road was quite narrow and some REALLY big trucks passed us going the other direction.  Amy and I – in the backseat – just looked out the windows and tried not to watch!  Thank goodness Lance was driving and wasn’t put off at all by the WRONG side driving!  He was a pro.

We saw a lot of the Atlantic – and lots of mountains – and some pretty churches!

Yes – it was rainy and drizzly.  I know?!  That hardly EVER happens in Ireland! 🤔 But it was beautiful. And – I think I could for sure live in Kenmare!

We got “home” and went and had a wonderful dinner.  When we got back to the Lodge – the fireplace was burning cozily in the entryway.  So nice!

Today we’re going to the National park to do a little hiking – and then this afternoon we’ll head out to Cork and check out the Blarney Stone (which we will NOT be kissing – we’ve heard things…😳😳) but…pictures are fair game!

So far – this has been an amazing trip – we always have fun with Amy and Lance –  and I can’t wait to see what today and the next few days have in store!






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16 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Galway, Killarney and Finn!

  1. Oh, Mary, I just LOVE all the pics you are posting. I saw Finn yesterday so I know y’all are having a wonderful vacay. Keep it up!

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks so much, Karen! 🙂 And yes – I will keep posting photos! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. What a wonderful an opportunity like that to be able to go there. I know you’ve earned i am a Stamping Up Demerstrator in Newport New Hampshire and I follow you on Facebook in my email. Keep up the good work have fun.

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you so much, Adrienne! It has been a lot of work, for sure – but…so worth it on every level!! 🙂

  3. skschudi

    Enjoy your trip. So much fun. I love the pictures. Keep posting them please.

    • stampsnlingers

      Yes, ma’am! I sure will – I’m glad you’re enjoying them! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  4. Sue Floyd

    Wow! I want to go there! Your pix are great Mary. It’s fun to have Amy and her hubby there too. Have a wonderful time. You deserve the best. As always, Finn is enjoying himself too! Such a good boy!

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you so much, Sue – we DO have a good time together! I am very blessed to have earned this trip!! 🙂

  5. Kate

    Thanks for all the sharing!!! i am emerald green with envy and so happy y’all are enjoying Ireland. Finn has a good spot!

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks, Mom – you’d love it there for sure! 🙂

  6. Jean Anne Baraclough

    I am just loving the photos of your trip. Let’s me feel that I am traveling vicariously with you. Thanks for sharing and keep ’em coming!

    • stampsnlingers

      Glad you’re enjoying them, Jean! I’ll keep ’em coming as much as I can! :). Thanks!

  7. Faith Simpson

    I’m so glad you are having fun…..hope you are staying dry!! I looked for Finn on the web-site……they certainly allow the doggies to get dirty. I guess playing in the mud is great fun for doggies… least they will send him home clean ( I hope)

    • stampsnlingers

      Yes – they do seem to enjoy the mud! Thankfully there’s no horse…uhm…you know!! :). Thanks, Faith! 🙂

  8. You pictures are gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of your trip! I’ve been keeping tabs in Finn and it looks like he’s having a grand time! 🙂

    • stampsnlingers

      Yes it does! He’s going to be a pooped pup! Thanks, Carol! 🙂

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