Fancy 3-D Flower

You can use almost any paper combination you like to make a fancy (and easy!) flower to add to your project.  Here’s an example:

Celebrate Card Mojo Monday 405 Outside closeup watermarked

For this flower, I used a combination of Fun Flower punches and Pansy punches.  The Fun Flowers were punched from the Subtles Background paper – in Wisteria Wonder and So Saffron.  The Pansy pieces were cut with another piece of So Saffron paper and some of the Fancy Vellum Designer Paper.

This tutorial flower is very similar.  This time, though, I used the new Bohemian Designer Paper and the Fancy Vellum.  Here’s how to do it!

1.  Cut your punches out.

Flower Tutorial Pieces Watermarked


2.  Using some Liquid Multi-Purpose Glue, begin to build your flower stack.  You don’t need a lot – this glue is STOUT, and a little dab’ll do ya!  Think about how you want your colors and designs to work with the card the flower is intended for.

Flower Tutorial Assembly 1 watermarked

3.  Once your stack is built, give the glue a minute to go from “temporary” to “permanent”.

Flower Tutorial Assembly 2 watermarked


4.  Add the Gold Thread.  You can also do this exact technique with Linen Thread or the thin Baker’s Twine!  You’ll use glue dots to make it easier.

Flower Tutorial Assembly 3 watermarked


5.  Put a few glue dots around the center of the flower.

Flower Tutorial Assembly 4 watermarked

Then, you take your thread and stick the end into one of the glue dots and then you wind it back and forth, creating your loops wherever you want them (and however big you want them), by coming back to a glue dot after every loop.  Do as many or as few as you want!

6.  With your loops made, you can add your center.  In the case of this flower, I used one of the Classy Vintage buttons, which I just adhered to the same glue dots that I’d used for the thread.

Flower Tutorial Assembly 5 watermarkedOn this flower, I used an Antique Brad in the center, so I first poked a hole in the flower with my piercing tool.  That way, I could stick the brad thru the hole and tie the whole flower together.

Celebrate Card Mojo Monday 405 Outside closeup watermarked



7.  For the final touch, lightly roll/crease your petals, just to give it a little dimension.

Flower Tutorial Final watermarked

And your flower is ready to add to whatever project you like!  You COULD go buy flowers from your local craft store – and pay the money and accept whatever they have.  Or – you can custom make your very OWN embellishment.  To see how I’ve used a few flowers like this, go to some of my blog posts… the pic to go direct!

Celebrate Card Purple Challenge watermarked

Vintage Flower Outside 1 watermarked



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