Stamps-N-Lingers Waves of the Ocean Special Bundle



As has become the norm here, I’ve got a cool little savings for you – this one for the amazeballs Waves of the Ocean Collection!  Read on!

If you bought all these products separately you’d spend about $104 when you factor in shipping and tax – depending on how much Uncle Sam takes where you live.  Buy the Special Bundle, though, and it’ll cost you just $81 – and that includes the Shipping & Tax!

Check it out!

Waves of Inspiration Bundle $51.25

Waves of the Ocean DSP $11.50

Blue Foils Specialty Paper $10.00

Rhinestone Waves Basic Jewels $6.50

BONUS:  When you purchase the Bundle, you’ll get a FREE package of Brights 8 1/2″ x 11″ Cardstock!

Look good?  Fill out the form below and we’ll get you hooked up!

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is available to anyone – but I can only ship to addresses in the United States or Military APO addresses.  Thanks for your understanding!

** SHIPPING/SUPPLY CHAIN NOTICE:  Since we’re all being affected by the current shipping and supply chain issues, it could be that some of these products might not be available when I place the orders.  We’re not able to do backorders now, so the way forward will be for me to refund you the portion of the bundle that I can’t order for you.  That way, the REST of your goodies will be on the way for you to play with lickety-split!  But – rest assured – I’ll order first jump out of the box on the 1st, so…fingers crossed!

NOTE:  I’ll only be offering this bundle at this great discount until 8 March 2022 – so…don’t hesitate!

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