Pillow Box Note Card Holder

This tutorial shows you how to make a cute little note card holder using the Stampin’ Up! Square Pillow Box Thinlits.  For this example, I’ve embossed the holder using the Woodland TIEF.  You could do this, you could use a different embossing folder, or you could skip this step altogether.  I recommend card stock for the holder – this one uses the Whisper White Thick card stock, but regular weight card stock will work as well.  Here’s what the finished product looks like:



Note Card Holder Tutorial 7 - Stamps-N-Lingers


1.  First, cut one Square Pillow Box side.  Then, cut it in half  – 2 1/4″ along the long straight side.

Note Card Holder Tutorial 1 - Stamps-N-Lingers

2.  Here’s what you get after you cut the die

Note Card Holder Tutorial 2 - Stamps-N-Lingers


3.  Gently fold on the creases….

Note Card Holder Tutorial 3 - Stamps-N-Lingers

…this will give you a good visual on how the holder is going to go together.  If you plan to emboss your holder, proceed to the next step.  If not, skip to Step 6.

4.  To emboss, especially with a design that has a “direction” like the Woodland TIEF, you’ll want to line the two pieces up in the folder top to bottom.  Be sure that the “outside” of the holder pieces are laying on the side of the folder that is printed with words.  That way the EMbossed image will be on the outside of your holder when you assemble it! 🙂

Note Card Holder Tutorial 4 - Stamps-N-Lingers


5.  Run thru the Big Shot, and this is what you’ll get:

Note Card Holder Tutorial 5 - Stamps-N-Lingers


6.  Use some Tear & Tape Adhesive (or you can use Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue, but you’ll need to hold the pieces together for a bit!) and lay a piece on the side flaps, close to the fold.  You can see that the adhesive is on the OUTSIDE of the flap – that way it can be tucked INSIDE the card holder when you put it together.

Note Card Holder Tutorial 6 - Stamps-N-Lingers


7.  Remove the backing  – one strip at a time – and adhere one side together and then do the other side.  Take your time – this tape is sticky and once you stick it….it’s pretty much there! 😉

Note Card Holder Tutorial 7 - Stamps-N-Lingers

8.  The final step is to use Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue to adhere the bottom flaps together.  Try to get glue as close to the edges of the flaps as possible!  Give your little card holder a few minutes to dry and set – and then you’re ready to fill it and decorate it!  Here’s a couple of examples of decorated note card holders.  These little guys will hold about 3 decorated 3″ x 3″ note cards with 3 Stampin’ Up! Square Envelopes to go with!


A Little Something Note Card Holder - Stamps-N-LingersWoodland Note Card Holder 5 - Stamps-N-Lingers

See how I decorated the Christmas holder and made 3 cute little note cards to go in it!  Click here for all the details.

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