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  1. Kate

    I think you can get an Addy100xsregular for about 1/4 that cost.

    • stampsnlingers

      You know us – we’re BIG BOX shoppers – Costco, Sams… LOL! 🙂

  2. Amy Koenders

    Looking forward to your video this evening! And she didn’t go straight from the can…she’s a little lady, you put it in your hand first and then go for it…that’s much more dignified. 😉

    • stampsnlingers

      Yes – and the can’s a little too big for her yet to do it herself. Give her a second! LOL! Thanks, Amy! 🙂

  3. Linda T. Hitzelberger

    It is part of Sta Granny’s job to pass on those fun life skills! Wahoo to that. Looks like a Fab Thanksgiving was had by the cutie!

    • stampsnlingers

      It was a great day, for sure. We all had a good time! Thanks, Linda! 🙂

  4. Gail S.

    I’m keeping this for an idea for next year for sure! DOG must have taken lessons from Finn, though he’s more of a “floor watcher” from a distance far enough away not to be a nuisance, but faster than a hand can reach down to pick it up if something small drops. Thanks for sharing both the card and Finn with us.

    • stampsnlingers

      Finn prefers to be right in the middle of things. And – being that he has me pretty much wrapped…I let him! 🤷‍♀️. Thanks so much, Gail – glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  5. Love the colors, great use of this set and I love the inside, too! Fabulous card. So glad you shared this with us at Festive Friday this week

  6. Amy Koenders

    Such a cute tag! Love that Santa image. 🙂 Yep, I say sign him up!! He’d be the perfect supporting demonstrator/dog at the event. 😉

    • stampsnlingers

      Wouldn’t he be a hit!? LOL! And he’d be soooo tired at the end of a long day of adoration! Thanks, Amy! 🙂

  7. Cutest tags! I see you went with one of each color mitten 🙂

    I vote for Finn as Supporting Demonstrator!

    • stampsnlingers

      Yep – equal opportunity stamper!! 🙂 Thanks, Nel! 🙂

  8. What an awesome card – quick and easy, too!

  9. Amy Koenders

    Pretty card! Love the non-traditional colors…and Berry Burst really does work with Pebbled Path and Mossy Meadow! 🙂 Poor Finn…you take away his toys for days and days (okay, maybe 15 minutes…but it feels like days!!) and then you’ve put it up too high for him to reach when he returns. It’s a rough life. 😉

    • stampsnlingers

      I know. Toy deprivation – a very tortuous thing that we do to this pitiful pooch! Thanks so much – and you’re right! I ended up really liking the pop of Berry Burst with the other two colors! 🙂

  10. I love the big white tree and sentiment on the rich colors of the background! Thank you for playing along with us at Freshly Made Sketches.

  11. Just lovely, Mary! Love the card design and colors!

    Our Missy, who is no longer with us, used to sneak her favorite stuffy (a little bear) outside on a regular basis. She didn’t want to part with it! Mr. Bear had quite a few baths! I see Finn is equally attached to Mr. Carrot! Too cute!

    • stampsnlingers

      Yeah – he loves his toys – more than any other dog I’ve ever had! His problem is he tends to carry it away from the house and then leave it somewhere. And then he can’t find it. It’s a whole thing! LOL! Thanks, Carol! 🙂

  12. I love this with the panel on the front and that white Christmas tree. Thank you for playing with us at Hand Stamped Sentiments and throughout the year – we hope to see you again next year for more crafting inspiration.

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks much, Fiona – appreciate you stopping by!! And – if you guys do challenges, I’ll be back! 🙂

  13. Kate

    Great tree card!
    Hmmmm…Mr. Carrot looks to be coming undone.

  14. So pretty, Mary – I haven’t been as good about using up this DSP, lol, but this design is wonderful! Love the base for the tree so much! Thanks so much for playing at Hand Stamped Sentiments!

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you, Heather! I appreciate you stopping by with such kind words! 🙂

  15. Amy Koenders

    Awesome card design Mary! Love the colors that you’ve used too! Perfect designer paper with that stamp set! 🙂

  16. Tara Carpenter

    Wowzer! What a perfect masculine card!

  17. Debbie Mageed

    What a cute easel card, Mary! I have been eyeing that Feathered Friends stamp set and you’ve tipped it into my shopping cart! Thanks for joining the blog hop this month.

    • stampsnlingers

      Aww – thank you so much, Debbie – I’m so glad you like it! 🙂

  18. Karen Finkle

    This is awesome, Mary. Now there’s more I want with my pre-order…lol! BUT, I might have to wait until January!!

    • stampsnlingers

      LOL! Fingers crossed it’s still there – it’s a great set to have in your stash! Thank you so much, Karen! 🙂

  19. Beautiful! This set is definitely on my “must have” list. Thank you for showing us how wonderful it is.

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you, Rae – it’s a great set and def deserves a spot on your Must Have list! 🙂

  20. Mary, I love you card. This is the first I’ve seen the Feathered Flight Stamp set used! Perfect for masculine cards!! TFS

  21. Amy Koenders

    That kit is way too cute! Love the little houses and there are so many alternatives if you don’t want to make the treat boxes! Yeah…Finn does have a rough life. Especially in the economy seat. 😉

    • stampsnlingers

      Yes – he always has the whole cabin to himself, so…it’s a hard way to travel! Thanks, Amy! 🙂

  22. Well. I guess you know I LOVE this card!! What could be more perfect, birds and fun fold?? Perfect in my book. Thanks for the inspiration. Ordering this set today, then CASeing.

  23. This is adorable. It makes me rethink buying the set. Your easel stop is awesome.

  24. Akiko Sudano

    So pretty Mary!! Love the layering and the colors! 😊

  25. Lovely card. I really like your inside sentiment.

  26. Gorgeous card Mary 🙂 Love the design and mix of DSP’s

  27. Amy Koenders

    Such a pretty card! Love the layering and the designer papers that you’ve used are perfect! 🙂

  28. Gorgeous card, Mary!!! I’m going to miss this bundle and paper!

    • stampsnlingers

      I’m sorry the bundle is leaving – but happy that they paper will still be available!! Thank you, Carol! 🙂

  29. Love, love, love! Beautiful colors. That DSP is at the top of my favs list.

    • stampsnlingers

      It is beautiful and I’m glad it’s going to be available after the catalog retires! Thank you so much, Julie! 🙂

  30. Amy Koenders

    Such a pretty card! Love the beautiful Italian scene…looks like it’s right out of one of those house videos. 😉 Yep, having a dog that doesn’t mind being lazy with you is the best! 🙂

    • stampsnlingers

      Right!? I can almost hear the running commentary! Thank you so much, Amy! 🙂

  31. I don’t think there is anything lazy about you!
    Love this card. Probably wouldn’t have been interested just looking in the catty. However! Sorry I missed the ‘live’ yesterday, but just watched it. Goes to show the value of videos, samples of how to use product.

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you for that vote of confidence, my friend! Yes – it’s one that you need to play with – I hope folks won’t “fly over” it! 🙂

  32. This is so stunning in every perfect detail Mary! I love the way you have used those beautiful papers, and the shaped sentiment with its subtle bow embellishment. Thank you for coming to play with us at the Tic Tac Toe Challenge! Vicky x

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you so much, Vicky – I appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

  33. Yes, I’d like to escape with you to this little villa and what I’m sure is a vineyard. Abruzzi/Abruzzo, Tuscany/Toscana…anywhere in Italy except for Rome please and thank you! Speaking of bone pieces for Finn, his cookies might be in pieces when he receives them. The postal person tossed the package across the room, into a big bin. I hope he didn’t see the horror on my face because I had said there was nothing fragile inside…lol! Package should arrive Sat. Hope the ice pack stays frozen!

    • stampsnlingers

      LOL – sounds about right – just sling it across the room!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. I’m sure he’ll love them whole – in pieces – howeever they arrive! Thank you in advance! Meet you in Abruzzo! 🙂

  34. Mary, the first thing I thought of when I saw your card this morning was Tuscany – and low and behold, it turns out that’s the name of your stamp set! It brought back all kinds of warm memories – especially needed in the dead of winter! Thank you for sharing it with us at The Paper Players. And I can attest to the old bones thing that Finn is experiencing.
    Xoxo, Fran

    • stampsnlingers

      Thank you so much, Fran – I do love Italy! We’re going back there next Spring! Whoo-hoo!! Appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

  35. JudiH

    This card is absolutely breathtaking! Enter it in as many challenges as you can cuz it’s a WINNER!

  36. Nan Arnold

    Hello to you. Is Forever Fern stamp set and the die set to go with by chance still available?

    • stampsnlingers

      Hey Nan – it’s not available thru the Online Store, I’m sorry! :(. You might be able to find it on Ebay or maybe Etsy! 🙂

  37. Amy Koenders

    Looking forward to your video tonight! Glad that you and the supervisor got your goodies mailed out…always a great feeling to have those packages on the way! 🙂

  38. Gerri K

    I love this card! Can’t wait to order this set.

    • stampsnlingers

      It is STUNNING! And I can’t wait for you to get it! Thanks! 🙂

  39. Kate

    You have left me in the dust!

    • stampsnlingers

      Well – maybe! I’m not as far ahead as I thought!🤦‍♀️

  40. Amy Koenders

    Such a sweet card! Love the layout and the Santa die cut from the designer paper is awesome! Cute fluffy ears too! 🙂

  41. Great video last night. Love this card.
    Finn’s friend could be my neighbor’s dog, Kalvin, who has sort of adopted me. He comes over all the time and from the angle of the photo, could be Kalvin. Gotta love a dog who adopts you.

    • stampsnlingers

      Yes – they love you the best!! Glad you like the card – and give that adoptee a pet for me! 🙂

  42. Amy Koenders

    Such a pretty card! Love the colors and the little die cut flowers are perfect! Poor Finn…he misses out on all of the good stuff. He and I disagree on one thing…bring on the chocolate!! 😉

    • stampsnlingers

      Yes – it’s pretty apparent he’s suffering mightily! Thanks, Amy! 🙂

  43. Karen Finkle

    Don’t worry Finn, your very own “biscotti” should arrive today between 9:45 am and 1:45 PM! Mary, your card is so pretty and delicate. I wanted this set yesterday but someone beat me to it! Oh, well, 12/5 is coming but so is 1/4 🙂 I am heeding your caveat!! Enjoy your day and be blessed.

    • stampsnlingers

      All the days are coming – and…you’ll be so happy to get this bundle!! Thank you so much, Karen! 🙂

  44. Pat C.

    Mary, this is beautiful, I love the color combo. I didn’t think I needed anymore flower stamps/dies, but your card is having me think otherwise.
    Christmas just 3 weeks away? Yikes!

    • stampsnlingers

      Yep. Three. That is NOT very long! 😳😳😳. Thanks so much, Pat! 🙂

  45. Faith Simpson

    oh yeah…..this is SUCH a pretty card….and I am ready to think of other than Christmas cards now….
    Poor Finn…..

    • stampsnlingers

      Yes – I’m ready to move on, too! Thank you so much! And yes – he is VERY abused! 🙂

  46. What a gorgeous floral design!! You rocked both the sketch and the colors in this beauty! Thanks for playing along with us at CTD!

    • stampsnlingers

      Thanks much, Wanda – appreciate you stopping by!! 🙂

  47. This is such a sweet card! I just love the vines and pretty little flowers! The background paper is fantastic as well! Poor Finn! No Biscotti for him!!! Thanks for joining us this week at Freshly Made Sketches!

    • stampsnlingers

      Nope – and he was less than pleased…. 😂. Thanks very much, Jen! 🙂

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