Double Pillow Box

This Tutorial will show you how to make a double-sized Pillow Box, using the new Stampin’ Up! Square Pillow Box Thinlits die set.  This particular box also uses the Woodland Textured Impressions Embossing Folder and the base is Whisper White Thick Card Stock.  You can use regular card stock or DSP.  Card Stock will give you a more sturdy box.  You can stamp your card stock before you cut it out, you can emboss it – after you cut it.  It’s up to you, which gives you a nearly unlimited variety of boxes that you can make for any occasion!

1. Cut out 4 pieces of the Square Box Thinlit dies.  This is going to take 2 pieces of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper – but if you’re careful, you’ll have leftover to make other smaller items.

Pillow Box Tutorial 1

2.  With these pieces, you could make two regular sized Square Pillow Boxes.  But, for this project, we’re going to combine the pieces and create a larger pillow box.  Lay your pieces out…thusly:

Pillow Box Tutorial 2

3.  It helps to make a small marking on the inside to identify the inside of each piece – especially if you’re planning to stamp or emboss the pieces.  I just put an “I” on each of the pieces.  Once I had that done, I cut 1 1/2″ off the curved end of all 4 pieces – the ends that overlaps in the center…

Pillow Box Tutorial 3

4.  If you’re going to stamp your pieces, or run them thru a TIEF, now is the time to do it.  Take your time, and be sure you keep your pieces in the layout order they need to be.  Be sure you EMboss on the correct side – for me that’s the outside of each piece.  If you have a TIEF design that has lines, try to get them as close to lined up as you can.  It’s not critically important, though, because you’ll cover the seam with a belly band and no one will be able to see if your lines are “perfect”! In the picture below, you can see how my pieces looked after I got done embossing them.  You’re looking at the inside, so that’s the DEbossed side.

Pillow Box Tutorial 5

5.  Start to assemble your pillow box.  I first stuck the two top pieces together and the two bottom pieces together.  I used Tear & Stick tape (mine is still the older red-backed version).  Be sure you get the tabs on the INSIDE of the box and put your tape as close to the score line as you can – it will make everything go together better!

Pillow Box Tutorial 6

6.  Once the two top and bottom pieces are stuck to each other, run a piece of Tear *& Stick tape all the way across the center seam area – and carefully stick the top to the bottom.  Take your time – the closer this part is, the better the whole box will look in the end.  Then carefully fold your curved ends in, and fold the left side flap in as well.

Pillow Box Tutorial 7

7.  The final step is to put your Tear & Stick on what will be the inside of the two tabs that you see on the left side of the picture above.  So, that means put the tape on the OUTSIDE of the flap! Then, fold your card stock over and carefully adhere the flap to the right side of the box.

Pillow Box Tutorial 8

8.  This is how the final seam looks!

Pillow Box Tutorial 9

9.  You fold your ends in and….you have an extra large pillow box, ready for decorating! 🙂

Pillow Box Tutorial 10

If you’d like to see a Pillow Box that I decorated for Fall, head over to this page and check this one out:

Joyful Seasons Vintage Leaves Pillow Box 1

The possibilities are almost endless!  Enjoy!

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